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    Injury: Re: Hair not growing back after injury

    Thank you! I'll be taking him to the vet tomorrow morning. If he does have fungus, do you recommend separating him from the others while he's being treated?
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    Injury: Hair not growing back after injury

    About two weeks ago, my boar Gunner (~two years old) received a wound above his nose. I wasn't present when he got injured but I assume that it was caused by one of my two other boars (both one year...
  3. Hair Loss: Re: Losing hair on backside & mild wheezing in older boar

    I'll be sure to ask my vet about Vita Drops. Is there any shampoo you recommend?
  4. Hair Loss: Re: Losing hair on backside & mild wheezing in older boar

    I haven't seen him scratching himself there at all. He doesn't seem itchy or bothered by it.
  5. Hair Loss: Losing hair on backside & mild wheezing in older boar

    About a week ago, I noticed my 6-year-old boar Gunther had a bald, hairless patch of skin on his backside/upper thigh. I've examined his body a few times already & it seems like he only has that...
  6. Diarrhea: Re: Older boar with soft & smelly feces

    I think it might just be soft poop. His poop doesn't look like liquid at all. And thankfully, it looks like his poop is back to normal.
  7. Diarrhea: Older boar with soft & smelly feces

    Yesterday as I was cleaning my guinea pigs' cage, I found some unusually soft poop. This morning, I've discovered that it came from my 5-year-old boar, Gunther.

    I was actually just holding him...
  8. Aggression: Young pigs bite older boar again, this time near eye

    Yesterday, after arriving home, I went to go check out my guinea pigs as usual & I noticed that my 5-year-old boar, Gunther, had received a very tiny cut on the outside of his lower left eyelid. It...
  9. Bedding: Are pine wood shavings safe for guinea pigs?

    I usually purchase my guinea pigs' bedding & hay at a small pet store (can't remember the name right now). However, since I'm currently sick & with that pet store being at least 40 minutes away, I...
  10. General: Re: What are veggies I can give my piggy

    I feed my pigs pieces of (green) bell peppers every day. Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, & cilantro are among some of the other vegetables I give them as well. Always do your research if you are unsure...
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    Behavior: Crying When Picked Up?

    For about a week now, my 3-year-old boar, Gunther, seems to almost always cry whenever I pick him up. I've had him for over a year now & the last time I remember him crying was when I first brought...
  12. Lethargy: Re: Worried About A Possibly Depressed and

    I took him to the vet this morning. Thankfully, he's no longer bloated or constipated. However, I've learned that he has a respiratory infection, possibly pneumonia. I'll be giving him medicine that...
  13. Lethargy: Worried About A Possibly Depressed and

    *title got cut off, originally said 'Worried About A Possibly Depressed & Bloated Boar'

    I'm currently concerned about my 3-year-old boar, Gunther.

    I recently just moved him (& my two other...
  14. Sneezing: Re: 3-Month-Old Guinea Pig Coughing and Sneezing?

    Yeah, I think you might be right (and I might be overreacting, lol). He hasn't made that noise every single day. I've been keeping an eye on him for the past couple of hours and haven't heard a peep...
  15. Sneezing: 3-Month-Old Guinea Pig Coughing and Sneezing?

    I received a pair of brothers, Grover and Garrett, from an acquaintance of my mother's earlier this year in June when they were barely even a month old. They recently just turned 3 months old, and...
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    Hola From The Golden State!!

    Hi everyone!

    My name's Mona & I'm very happy to be here! I'm currently the proud mother of 3 beautiful guinea pigs, all male. Gunther is my oldest guinea pig, he just turned 3 years old. He was...
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