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    From a shelter manager

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place, it didn't seem fitting anywhere else. It's mainly directed at dogs but you can pretty much know every animal does the same thing. I warn you, it's a tear...
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    Re: friend for older male bunny?

    I'm looking into getting a bunny friend for my little guy. Mine is neutered but he's territorial sometimes. He hates guinea pigs but was great around my sisters cat and my parents dogs. I guess my...
  3. Re: Do you leave music on for your piggies/pets?

    haha. yes I leave my music on. I feel like when I'm away from home it will make them comfortable somehow
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    Re: Uses for old store cages...

    Haha! That's not a bad idea! I used one of mine for my rabbits litter box :D
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    Sale at Hancock Fabrics!!

    I was just at Hancock fabrics buying new fleece and everything is on sale! 50% and 30% off things! I was able to get fleece for 4 bucks a yard!
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    So most of you know that I have five girls living in one cage. They have plenty of room but one of my guinea pigs (Peanut) keeps pulling out the hair of my peruvian (Gizmo). I can hear poor gizmo...
  7. Re: Ironic how Petsmart had their huge adoption day today yet still sell animals

    Henle15 thanks for sending this link, very good and interesting points were made
  8. Re: Ironic how Petsmart had their huge adoption day today yet still sell animals

    I completely agree with the fact that it's great they hold adoptions since there are SO many people who go to these pet stores and it also helps get the word out about adopting and helps promote...
  9. Ironic how Petsmart had their huge adoption day today yet still sell animals

    I was near a local Petsmart today and I saw there were animal shelters there, of course I had to go inside and look. There were bunnies, cats, dogs all up for adoption. I actually started tearing up...
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    Re: Rabbits and Guinea Pigs together?

    Rabbits and guinea pigs should never be housed together. Rabbits and Guinea pigs require different nutrients and rabbits can eat one type of food but that if the pig eats it, they can get very sick. ...
  11. Re: Where to purchase animal products (Besides petco & petsmart)

    You're right! I also can buy bedding at my vets office as well! I prefer to go to a shelter/humane society since the money goes to a good cause :D
  12. Re: Where to purchase animal products (Besides petco & petsmart)

    Cozies and cuddle cups I get from Weaver at

    I love Foster and Smith! They have such cute toys!
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    Re: Bun Question

    I agree with the other posters, check the signs of a seizure. To me though it looks like a bunny flop. My rabbit does it ALL the time when he finds a comfy spot and is content. He almost completely...
  14. Where to purchase animal products (Besides petco & petsmart)

    I hope I'm putting this in the right section but I haven't seen any threads about stores you all would reccomend to buy supplies for animals. If everybody could post where they buy their supplies and...
  15. Re: Largest rescue in HSMO history. 360 + animals, absolutly sickening.

    Oh my goodness. That made me tear up! I look at my guinea pigs and my rabbit and they're so happy and comfortable, it just boggles my mind how people can treat animals AND children that way! If I...
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    Re: Need to convince my parents

    Aww I'm sorry you have to go through all that but yeah I agree, definitely print out the info that is on the home page of this site. You will clean less often, and explain that the pig is a lazy one...
  17. This made be the wrong threat. But alternative to coroplast!!!

    It's called duroplast. My ex boyfriend got me HUGE sheets of and since I moved I needed to buy new coroplast (it was getting old anyway) but this stuff is amazing! The pics can't chew on it which is...
  18. Need some advice for finding jobs w/ animals

    Okay, I'm a 22 year old college student. I take excellent care of my guinea's and my rabbit and my parents (thank god for them) pay my rent and my tuition. However, we have been in a bit of a money...
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    Re: Videos of my pigs!

    The toy fatty was playing with was just a simple bird toy! they love them!
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    Angora Rabbit question (hair cutting)

    I normally cut my rabbits hair every two months or so. He used to sleep on the bed and when his hair would get long it would show EVERYWHERE. Well I noticed that whenever I cut his hair really short...
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    Re: Fleece as bedding!

    Thanks thief! He never digs in his litter box but I have a lot of shagged rugs that he digs on but the hay situation would make it more work I think. He's neutered but bunny urine really has a...
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    Re: Fleece as bedding!

    Im so glad someone already posted this!!!! I was about to start a new thread!! I was thinking about using fleece for my bunny. he's not caged, so it would only be used in his litter box. but im...
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    Videos of my pigs!
  24. Re: Help!! Need Creative cage ideas for my small apartment!

    Ugh. I'm a nimrod. I just found a bunch of pics for ideas. If Cavy spirit could delete this post that would be fabulous!
  25. Help!! Need Creative cage ideas for my small apartment!

    Hey Everyone! I haven't' posted in a WHILE but I need some suggestions
    I recentely moved into a studio apartment (about 400 sq. ft) and I used to live in a 3 bdrm so the size difference in still a...
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