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  1. Rehoming: Re: Potential Adoption: Skeptical! Advice, venting...

    To clarify - their pigs had been there for years and likely died of old age, and at different times (they indicated their remaining pig had passed away). I'm also not concerned about the hay or food...
  2. Rehoming: Potential Adoption: Skeptical! Advice, venting...

    Hey y'all - it's been a while, life is busy. Vera and Lorelei are great though. We stopped trying to pick them up and they seem a lot more likely to let us sometimes pet behind their ears and much...
  3. General: Re: Looking for general tips & help with my first cavy.

    I don't buy *anything* online unless shipping is free and the price is reasonable (in line with pricing at other places) or if it's something I just cannot get in the store or near me. If someone...
  4. General: Re: Looking for general tips & help with my first cavy.

    Welcome to the land of piggies! He's a cutie - does he have a name? You need to get him hay, ASAP. Even if it's just a bag of timothy hay from the pet store, that's better than none. I order mine...
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    Bullying: Re: Letting blind female with male?

    I am a little surprised it wouldn't occur to you that the female could get pregnant if the male isn't neutered. Why does the male chase the female when you let them together? Because he intends to...
  6. Chat Re: Whatever happened to the word "petted?" Or "definitely?"

    Oh man, the Alot. I had never seen that one and I just can't with it. That's amazing. Thanks for sharing that!
  7. Hay: Re: Can I feed Orchard Hay instead of Timothy or does it have to be with the Timothy?

    I recently switched my girls to Orchard - they love it but I'd say more of the box was brown than the timothy I got before so if you're ordering from SPS, that might be something with their local...
  8. Chat Re: Whatever happened to the word "petted?" Or "definitely?"

    Thankfully, no. I tutored in my schools office for students with disabilities and often look over scholarship and transfer essays for members of the honor society that I am president of. I also...
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    Re: Alaskan GP owner

    I would also call her a tricolor or TSW like bpatters said. I have a girl that looks VERY similar to her and the guinea lynx site uses the same term. Tricolor seems appropriate because they're three...
  10. Chat Re: Whatever happened to the word "petted?" Or "definitely?"

    Grammar is an interesting thing. "Pet" as the past tense is often accepted, especially in speech, whereas "petted" is used more often in writing. Personally, I prefer pet because petted sounds clunky...
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    General: Re: How clean are guinea pigs?? (pooping)

    If your piggies already go mostly on the shavings, why not create a smaller "kitchen" area with just the shavings? Most people do 1x2 kitchens in their 2x# cages. Mine go everywhere. They go more in...
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    C&C: Re: C&C cage?

    Well, each grid is 14 inches long and there are spaces in between each of about 1/2 inch, maybe a little less, but 14 x 4 = 56 inches and 56/12 = 4.6 so I'd say probably close to five feet.

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    Liners: Re: uHaul layer or two?

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the input and experience :) I think I'm gonna go with one layer. The girls are pigs (ha!) in that they pee and poop wherever seems most convenient. They DO poop and pee...
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    Cage: Re: Cage design?

    I love the alternative cages gallery. It makes me dream of a time when I won't live in a small(ish, it's actually kind of large for NYC!) NYC apartment!
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    Liners: Re: uHaul layer or two?

    Yeah, since mine is a 3x3, I can only get one layer out of each blanket so need TWO uhaul blankets for a two-layer cage liner. I have a lot of leftover liner...just not in the right size to make...
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    Liners: uHaul layer or two?

    to double layer or not double layer...that is the question!

    I am constructing my cage liners and I was layer or two? Since I have a 3x3 if it's two, I can only get ONE liner out...
  17. Hay: Re: Small Pet Select: 2nd vs 3rd & hay waste

    Oh yeah, it's only 3.50 and usually I use a free shipping code.
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    C&C: Re: I have questions about building

    I doubt spot cleaning a 4x4 would be difficult. For my 3x3 I just get my hand dust buster and vacuum up the poops and I sweep up the hay area once or twice a day depending on when I'm home!
  19. Hay: Re: Small Pet Select: 2nd vs 3rd & hay waste

    Maybe I'll give the orchard hay a try - thanks!

    I have prime so I'd have free shipping anyway. Also, this piggy blog has a code for free shipping from SPS directly - yay!
  20. Behavior: Re: Two weeks in and there's something wrong with Rogue.

    Oh your poor piggy :( I hope you get some answers from the vet. I don't know anything about this kind of behavior but I'm thinking of you and hope you're able to update us after your vet visit (which...
  21. Hay: Re: Small Pet Select: 2nd vs 3rd & hay waste

    Ah, I order directly from the SPS website! I wonder if it's cheaper on amazon...
  22. Hay: Re: Small Pet Select: 2nd vs 3rd & hay waste

    It's also in the name when you select 1st 2nd or 3rd... mamaduck71
  23. Hay: Small Pet Select: 2nd vs 3rd & hay waste

    So, my first foray into hay buying, I did the SPS 2nd cutting timothy hay. The piggies love it! However, as we go through the box, I'm noticing a LOT more waste as we move into the middle and bottom...
  24. Chat Re: Coupon Codes for Small Pet Select hay or pellets!

    Any recent codes I should know about before I order? :D
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    Re: dog won't eat. Need help!

    I have a lot of friends who ONLY feed their dogs a raw meat diet, or homemade food. When I had a dog, she had lived on nutro-natural choice for the first 8 years of her life so I continued it and she...
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