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  1. Thread: RIP Groot

    by Pammers2169

    Re: RIP Groot


    A picture of Grooty to share. He came to me from a family who no longer wanted him. He was named from a character in a movie by their son. His cage mate is Rocket. I believe they were 1.5...
  2. Thread: RIP Groot

    by Pammers2169

    RIP Groot

    Groot passed away at midnight, about 20 minutes ago. I didn?t expect him to get through the night so I planned on an all nighter. He was seen by the vet Friday and had a biopsy but the results are...
  3. Behavior: Re: My guinea pig refuses to eat veggies, what do I do?

    I’ve taken guinea pigs that never had veggies before. Rather they ate them or not I put veggies in the cage. When they though I wasn’t looking they would investigate the veggies, lol. Eventually they...
  4. Behavior: Re: Important question about hidey houses and pigs' behavior

    There are some great tutorials on YouTube. For a hidey my girls share an ikea doll bed. They never shared until I got the doll bed. I love that they chose to be together under the doll bed while...
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    Neutering/Spaying: Re: Neutering and spaying costs

    The total for everything to neuter a boar at my vets office is $300-400, I always get an itemized quote and decline unnecessary charges. I live in Ohio.
  6. Injury: Re: Guinea pig missing a chunk of ear help!!!

    I would watch some YouTube videos on the topic so you can see what male dominance behavior looks like. The store clerk thinks mounting is a sexual behavior but it’s really not sexual. Your males are...
  7. Behavior: Re: Pixie Rose has stopped grooming herself

    Pixie is 3 years old.
  8. Skin Problems: Re: Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

    Groot likely has lymphoma.... was treated with antibiotics. Nothing changed but he was eating and active so the veterinarian said we would watch the leision. After a few weeks it turned crusty and...
  9. Behavior: Re: Pixie Rose has stopped grooming herself

    Update on Pixie Rose, she was treated with oral antibiotics and antibiotic eye drops. She had no cough or sneezing. What I learned I want to share. She completed her first orders for antibiotics and...
  10. Behavior: Pixie Rose has stopped grooming herself

    Hello, Over the last 2 wks I?ve noticed Pixie?s with a crusting at the corner of her eyes closest to her nose. I began cleaning her eyes every night but nothing changed. She looks very tired and sad....
  11. Behavior: Re: My female had surgery and was away from her mate now what?

    Ok, thanks. I was hoping it wouldn’t be a full intro. Their original cage is split in the middle with grids. Both still have 3x3 space (was 6x3). They can see each other. Mitzi has been active for...
  12. Behavior: Re: My female had surgery and was away from her mate now what?

    Zoey had 2 marble size masses removed from her mammary.
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    Hay: Re: Pulling Hay from Rack

    Hay wasting happens to everyone, I bought a grass ball and cut holes on 2 sides and fill it up with hay. Sometimes fill up a few toilet paper rolls and leave those instead of filling the hay rack. I...
  14. Cage: Re: Lost the metal piece for my waterbottle

    I use a rubber band and a link (baby toy link) but I’ve also bent open large paper clips.

    Just put the rubber band on the link/ paper clip on the outside of the cage. Next pull the other end of...
  15. Behavior: My female had surgery and was away from her mate now what?

    Hi Everyone,
    I took Zoey in for surgery last week and my veterinarian said to put her back in with her cage mate. After we got home I had Zoey with me in a temporary cage so I could watch her about...
  16. Conditions: Re: Crusty Nipple? Icky brown stuff around nipple...

    You should take her to see an exotic veterinarian. My girl had enlarged and crusty nipples which were first thought to be related to ovarian cysts said my exotic veterinarian. She was unable to feel...
  17. Skin Problems: Re: Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

    I’m sure they will see him sooner, I’ll call tomorrow. You’re right, this can’t wait. Thank you bpatters.
  18. Skin Problems: Groot?s leision ..... cleaning and caring

    Found this leision on Groot, 4.5 yo boar. The balding around the leision was already there and not something I did. He has flat black areas on his skin under the hair. His appetite is fine,...
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    Conditions: Re: New Addition: Elderly Harry

    Hi Harry, you’re in good hands now Sweetie. He is adorable. I adopted a piggie who was thrown and had a broken back, nails like Harry’s, an abscess the size of an human adults big toe, and ate...
  20. Re: Ever wonder what it would be live if humans were like guinea pigs?

    Lol, I find myself doing some weird behaviors too. If I am going to interact with my piggies I always wash my hands really well because I think they might smell my dinner. I worry they smell meat...
  21. Pet Stores: Re: Wanted: Acctual and reasonable solutions to the "pet store problems"

    I think the store should have a monthly adoption day where people who need to rehome their pets could go and show the pet. If you look at sites like CL to get a pet then maybe the open adoption day...
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    Introductions: Re: New adoptions

    Hi spy9doc, I have had three long haired cavies for two years and sometimes I do ok but other times I really mess things up. I've used all kinds of tools over but at least one of the three will come...
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    Re: Miss you, Patty 2016-November 2017

    Boopy, I'm sorry for your loss.
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    Introductions: New adoptions


    Today I adopted these two guinea pigs. They were posted on CL and I had room since Belly passed (RIP Sweet Belly). I wasn't sure I would have more but I found myself looking. These...
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    Re: Pooper's final resting place.

    Hi Guinea Pig PaPa, I really like your marker. Poopy is surely loved. I'm sorry you lost him and that you have to miss him everyday. I feel like I haven't seen Belly in such a long time but today is...
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