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  1. UTI: Re: Strange Noise - possible UTI? - help identifying the sound

    Nothing abnormal before or afterwards. I'm going to try and monitor if it's when he's pooping or not; at the moment he tends to go silent when I'm goggling him (he's a wary guinea pig) or is in a...
  2. UTI: Strange Noise - possible UTI? - help identifying the sound

    Hi guys,

    Just for a brief medical recap, in late March, Ernie began a lot of pained squeaking when he peed/pooped. I took him to the vets pretty promptly and collected a urine sample. The urine...
  3. Weight Loss: Bert - Weight Loss, concerned & needing advice!

    Hi all,

    Bert has always been a smaller pig (he has yet to touch 900g, and he's around five months old). Recently he developed a mild case of diarrhea (on one day the stools, while not liquidy,...
  4. C&C: Re: Experiences, on boars and sows sharing a common cage wall?

    Another option to consider, if your male pig is now on his own and the females are friendly with him, is to neuter him, put him with the females and expand the cage a little?
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    Re: Guinea pigs fighting. unsure what to do

    Hi there!

    Towards the bottom of this section there's an indication of what to look out for and what's totally normal:

    From your...
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    Hair Loss: Re: Cuddles fur thinning

    Here's a useful link on hairloss:

    One thing I would say is that you can't rule out mites / ovarian cysts etc just because the photos on Guinea Lynx /...
  7. URI: Re: Should I visit the vets or hold tight for a little while?

    Okay, so I took him to the vets this morning as I was very panicked. By the time I'd taken him to the vets the sound he was making had completely stopped and it looks like there's no sign of it...
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    Diet: Re: Alfalfa Hay Bad for my pigs?

    You can't give them unlimited alfalfa, especially if they're over 6 months old: it has too much calcium in it and may make them susceptible to stones. They need unlimited access to a long grass...
  9. URI: Re: Should I visit the vets or hold tight for a little while?

    I've just researched "hooting" and the sound is almost identical, should I take him to the vets? :( Very worried!
  10. URI: Re: Should I visit the vets or hold tight for a little while?

    Okay, guys, I'm just going to add to this thread as I'm quite concerned about Ernie again.

    Since around four o'clock this morning (it's eight now), he has been making a strange vocalization when...
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    Skin Problems: Re: Two Questions... fur and ears

    Mites are pretty difficult to diagnose as they're invisible to the human eye and skin scrapings don't have a high success rate. You can, provided you dose correctly...
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    Bonding: Re: We have a winner!!!

    Well done for all your hard work! It's great that you didn't write her off as a lone pig straight away. They look adorable together! :D
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    Behavior: Re: Please help my guinea pig ;(

    Does he have a friend? Guinea pigs are much more confident in pairs, and it's definitely worth considering adopting a second male to join him.

    I think you're expecting a lot from the little guy...
  14. Fighting: Re: Poor piggie got in the middle of a fight he didnt start now hes hurt

    The first thing I would say is don't yell at your guinea pigs. They do not understand yelling, cannot associate it with their actions in any way, and even if they do become conditioned to understand...
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    Ovarian Cysts: Re: Hair loss and ovarian cysts

    I'm not clued up enough to give you any substantial advice, but I do hope the little gals perk up. While you're waiting for more responses, it might be worth reading:...
  16. Want a GP: Re: Want babies around Middlesex, Bucks (maybe Surrey)! Please help!

    This rescue in Surrey has advertised 2 female and one male new arrival, all of which 8 week old: . I would email them to see if the site is...
  17. Want a GP: Re: Want babies around Middlesex, Bucks (maybe Surrey)! Please help!

    Yup, I had two baby pigs as a surprise, and I agree with what everybody else has said. They were terrified of me. When you expect them to be adorable, cuddly lap pigs, and they spend the first two...
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    Vegetables: Re: Not getting enough?!

    I'm not suggesting that you are going to harm your piggies by feeding them unlimited vegetables in any way- only that it might put them at greater risk due to having to nutritionally balance the...
  19. Weight: Re: My 3yo boar is losing weight. Is he stressed out?

    Loose skin can also be a sign of dehydration so I would monitor his water intake. If he's not drinking enough, consider giving him some wet veggies (eg. washed lettuce, or a few slices of cucumber)...
  20. Re: Me and my stupid mouth......I really need to think first

    I think you've handled things remarkably well thus far. Ignorance is extremely frustrating. Your initial response was very appropriate. You now have the choice of either replying, or ignoring her...
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    What breed?: Re: Are roan guineas ok? And ethics...

    Lucynzsky Welcome to the forum! I would try to discourage your friend from breeding the roan at all, if that's what she's planning to do. Roan and dalmation guinea pigs carry a gene that predispose...
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    Vegetables: Re: Not getting enough?!

    I don't think you should give him unlimited vegetables, as you run the risk of either giving them far too much calcium or other vitamins etc in excess (thus potentially inviting in medical issues),...
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    Conditions: Re: Freaks out when I touch her side

    Bert, one of my boars, does THIS EXACT THING. This, coupled with scratching, is one of the reasons I'm treating him for mites! However, as he's just had his first round of ivermectin dabbed behind...
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    Re: Hi from birmingham UK

    In terms of whether or not they're guinea-pig appropriate - they are. The pellets are for adult guinea pigs though so be sure to supplement them while they're younger with extra calcium (eg. a few...
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    Re: Hi from birmingham UK

    Yay, I'm glad you decided to go for a CC cage in the end. Hope I've been a help, and I look forward to seeing y'all around the forum. ^_^
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