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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    Oh, I do hope it's just the heat, and he'll come around later. Ignoring treats isn't great, but I've had pigs do it before and come around later.
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    Sounds to me also, that the most prudent course of action would be to remove the eye that's causing a problem. From what I've seen recovery from that surgery is usually a couple of weeks.

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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    Yes, it does look pretty nasty. Other than his eye he sounds pretty darn healthy to me. I know you will do what's right for him. Fingers are crossed on my end for everything to work out.
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    My boys send their wheeks and grumbles of support for Little Bear. It's pretty obvious that he gets the love and care from you that he's never gotten elsewhere in his life.

    The nasal discharge...
  5. Bonding: Re: Not sure if this is a failed bonding or if I should keep trying?

    I would give them a few days to settle down. No blood was drawn and that is good.

    I would recommend reading and following this guideline TO THE LETTER in order to have the best chance at a...
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    Sneezing: Re: Simon's Medical Thread.

    This really may not be a medical issue, but it's Simon's thread so it seems like the best place to put it.

    Does anyone else's pig go through seemingly temporary personality changes?

    I was...
  7. Re: Galaxionaut the guinea pig aims to be next space adventurer in Congolese DIY spac

    I thought that myself, and it broke my heart.
  8. Chat Re: Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!

    Oh what a sweet, happy looking boy! Sly would swing treats around when he was very happy, and now Simon does it from time to time too! Adorable!

    Simon is on the left, Leo on the right. Leo has...
  9. Chat Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!


    From my boys to your furbabies, we all want to wish everyone a Happy Guinea Pig Appreciation Day!
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    Sick: Re: Chico and Amigo's med thread

    They don't look like bloody pee spots. I'm not honestly sure what those look like. Almost like something was oozing as he walked. Possibly from his nose?
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    Conditions: Re: Young Guinea Pig Not Growing

    No two pigs are the same, and it IS possible for one to be smaller than the other. Weight wise, how much smaller are we talking? I had littermates where one was consistently at least 100 grams...
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    Possibly Pregnant: Re: Rescue Pigs Pregnancy Journey

    Thank you for the update on your little ones, sallyvh !

    I am so very sorry about Gus. On one hand I am saddened by his loss, and on the other knowing that he was destined to have a rough life...
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    Not Eating: Re: Pig seems to have trouble eating

    72-75 is where I keep my room for the pigs at all times, summer or winter. I notice a difference when the temperatures start to get above that. They get lazier, eat less, drink more.
  14. Bonding: Re: Is It Too Late To Get Another Guinea Pig?

    I agree with bpatters. She's been alone her entire life. 8 years is a good long life already, so why upset it?

    If you spend a lot of time interacting with her, I would think she'll be...
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    Bonding: Re: When and how to start my bonding

    It will take time, and you'll need LOTS of patience. I have had Leo a year and a half and he is NOW comfortable being held, tho he still complains about it. Simon always complains no matter what. ...
  16. Signs: Re: How will I know she's going into labor- day 64 today.

    Just as an aside...

    We love baby pigtures here. You know. When they're born. :)
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    Pellets: Re: Bugs in Guniea Pig Pellets

    Impossible to tell what they are, but toss 'em. Don't feed the pigs anything you suspect bugs might have been into.

    Keep their bag separate and fill their bowls only from the bag for now. ...
  18. Signs: Re: How will I know she's going into labor- day 64 today.

    I've never had sows, much less a pregnant one. That said, I'm pretty sure your little girl will be giving birth any time now.

    I wouldn't handle her from here on out unless absolutely necessary.
  19. Introductions: Re: Quick Introductions (After Death of Cagemate)

    Sounds like time is doing exactly what it should. I'm glad Nibbler has a new buddy, and Owl has a new furever home. Looking forward to more positive updates!
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    Chat Re: Gpig anniversary ideas

    Is picking them some fresh, safe green grass an option? Pooper and Sly used to go bananas for it.
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    I would watch to make sure it either stops or doesn't change. Guinea pig pee oxidizes a colour similar to that, but I've never seen it fresh that colour. Could just be me.

    As far as a wet chin,...
  22. Bonding: Re: When to start introducing my new pigs??

    First question. Are all of these pigs male or female, or mixed?

    If they are all male, don't waste your time introducing them. Boar trios work out once in a blue moon every 7-10 decades. ...
  23. Re: Autumn and Midnight are dead today

    urofan, I am so sorry for your loss. It's so very hard to lose one, but both and at the same time is absolutely heartbreaking.

    I hope Autumn and Midnight are happy together at the Rainbow...
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    Not Eating: Re: Pig seems to have trouble eating

    Glad to hear that Pigsilver seems to be on the upswing. I did see the link that bpatters provided regarding the chinsling. If he continues to have issues that may be a great way to go.

  25. Nutrition: Re: Senior Boar & Weight Loss (Eating Habit Changes)

    The general accepted way to do it is in a neutral area that neither pig is familiar with. Once introductions have gone well, then you can transfer them to their new home ( in this case their current...
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