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  1. Behavior: Why do guinea pigs chirp? The secrets

    As an old guinea pig owner, I know that guinea pigs communicate through a variety of sounds, including a chirp or whistle-like noise. Unfortunately, chirping is one of the more mysterious noises they...
  2. Nutrition: Re: Foods That Can Be Fatal to cavies review list

    Thanks @ItsaZoo and thanks MerryFriarTuck
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    Behavior: Why Do Guinea Pigs Bite Me?


    Guinea pig is one of the cutest animals you would have as your pet. This animal is very humble and friendly in behavior. Normally, this beautiful animal does not bite, however, sometimes it...
  4. Behavior: Re: Tips for teaching piggys how to use a water bowl?

    Guinea pigs need water bottles to drink. While they technically can drink out of a bowl, it is not the best solution. You’ve probably noticed that your cavy makes a big mess when it eats, and the...
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    Introductions: Re: help naming 2.0

    The this the best guinea pig's names that you will find:

    -Crumpet or Jelly Bean
    -Penelope, Bailey, Betty, Dottie, or Annie
  6. Nutrition: Re: How much vitamin c is too much? And any effects?

    Guinea pigs need an average of 10 to 30 milligrams of vitamin C each day. If they are pregnant or sick, they likely need even more of the nutrient. Because they cannot synthesize vitamin C on their...
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    Adopting: Re: Help me name my Boar!

    Hello, guinea pigs are a lovely pets that you can own, I will give the most beautiful names that you can find:

    - Spike
    - Toupee
    - Crumpet or Jelly Bean
    - Beyonce
    - Pancake
    - Waffle
    - Bacon-...
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    Treats: Re: Piggies and Pumpkin questions

    That exactly true, for any question just ask me back.
  9. Nutrition: Foods That Can Be Fatal to cavies review list

    My guinea pigs decided that it might be helpful to compile a list of all the foods they've reviewed over the past few years:

    I figured I'd share...
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    Treats: Re: Piggies and Pumpkin questions

    As you know the majority of a cavy's diet should consist of hay and pallets, but there is no issue if you feed them a small amount of fruits and vegetables, for that reason its possible to feed them...
  11. Bonding: Re: To neuter, get a companion, or let him live on his own

    Candalalala In my case i think i will do the same thing as Michelle81 because its great solution.
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    General: Re: My guinea pig ate a tomato leaf.

    Hello, you must remove the vine and any leaves from the tomato before feeding to your guinea pig. These are poisonous. This includes the stalk directly attached to the tomato (it looks a bit like a...
  13. Behavior: Re: Guinea pig suddenly screaming/squealing

    Hello, Im new here in this forum but I can help with my long experience that I have with my guinea pigs, i think those sounds are totally fine but I cannot tell what the raison exactly, I already...
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