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  1. Play: Re: New pigs aren't interested in floortime

    Floortime works a little bit differently at my house. I have always had 2 areas set up specifically for pigs: the "pigpen", which is their actual cage that I built and have raised up off the...
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    Vet Costs: Re: Good Vet Fund?

    As the previous poster said, costs will vary considerably depending on where you live.

    One thing that I did was actually call up the vet clinic where I take my pigs and ask about potential...
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    Brands: Re: A message from KMS Hayloft

    Oh, how sad to hear...
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    Weight Loss: Re: Adopted severely underweight pigs

    Casper and Poptart were both underweight too, when I got them from a shelter this past November. They had been rescued from a hoarding situation and the shelter had only had them a few weeks. ...
  5. Vet: Re: How often did you have to take your guinea pig to the vet in his/her lifetime

    I take mine as-needed and try to maintain a generous vet fund. Overtime, holiday pay, birthday money, tax refund -- it all goes to the pigs! :D

    My first Age of Pigs involved 4 pigs that I had...
  6. Fighting: Re: My guinea pigs are fighting - AGAIN.

    That does seem rather late to be having puberty-related aggression issues, although have heard that puberty can last up to age 2.

    The fact that the behavior stopped and they relaxed once they...
  7. Conditions: Re: Casper's Medical Thread: lesion on testicle

    I've kind of noticed it for a while now, but never really thought much about it: the bottoms of Casper's hind feet are sometimes really bright red. It seems to come and go a little bit, but now...
  8. Abscess: Re: Poptart's MedicalThread: Abcess under chin

    I flushed the abscess again last night, and it already looks a lot smaller than it did. Didn't get any pus out, just a small amount of blood. Poptart handled it a lot better this time, too. I still...
  9. Abscess: Re: Poptart's MedicalThread: Abcess under chin

    Here's some pictures from this evening, after he was treated at the vet.



    I boiled up some saline solution and I did flush it out, followed by cleaning the outside with betadine....
  10. Abscess: Poptart's MedicalThread: Abcess under chin

    So, Poptart and Casper got into a little bit of a fight Thursday morning when I removed all the stuff from their cage to catch them and bring them out into the floor pen. It wasn't anything too...
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    Hay: Re: Who has good hay right now?

    I had not seen it! Thank you for the link!
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    Hay: Who has good hay right now?

    I know it's a bad time of year to be hay shopping, but I'm trying to get my supply restocked on the chance that corona virus starts to affect shipping across state lines.

    I just got a 60-lbs box...
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    Chat Re: Anyone Else get Annoyed...

    This is what I miss about being a vet tech -- the confusion between hamsters, rats, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc never existed when I used to work with animal-people! lol Now that I work in the...
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    Chewing: Re: Safe HARD chew toys...

    I think all my pigs have chewed on things like the entrance to pigloos and their hard plastic stool as a way of marking territory. Guinea pigs have scent glands inside their cheeks. I've never...
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    Cleaning: Re: My new favorite cleaning tool

    Intriguing! I might have to get a pair to try! I'm really sick of brushing hay and hair off of fleece using my little dustpan broom; it just isn't very efficient.
  16. Conditions: Re: Took my piggies for a check up on ringworm....but

    I recognize the benebac and the Baytril, but what's the name of the lotion?? Can't quite read the label...
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    Re: Meet Buttercup and Buddy!!!

    They're beautiful! Congratulations!
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    Sick: Re: Mumbly and Nouget med thread

    Oh my gosh, they're precious! I just love baby piggies! <3
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    Sick: Re: Mumbly and Nouget med thread

    No scolding here! Thank you for taking in the little girls, as it sounds like you just prevented disaster to them. Sounds like you showed a lot more restraint than I would have dealing with the...
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    Fleece: Re: Fleece hay bag

    Cute! Is it machine washable?
  21. General: Re: Books To Read and Learn About Guinea Pigs

    I love to read and learn too, but the main problem is that it's hard to find up-to-date information in books. The book mentioned was published in 2003, which is a little older than where I'd want to...
  22. Aggression: Re: Im completely lost with my guinea pigs

    Boars are best kept in pairs. Many members here will attest that 3 or more boars living together as a group almost never works out; they're just too territorial. Also, your cage is not big enough...
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    Genitals: Re: Help determining gender of piggie

    Most definitely a male
  24. Aggression: Re: Im completely lost with my guinea pigs

    How many guinea pigs do you have? What are their ages and genders? What are the dimensions of the cage (ie how many inches by how many inches is the floor of the cage)?
  25. Hay: Re: Ok to abruptly switch from Kaytee to Oxbow?

    Hay is hay no matter which company cut and bagged the stuff, so yes! It's quite alright to just switch straight to the oxbow hay. It's only with food pellets that you want to transition from the old...
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