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  1. Parasites: Re: Need Help Identifying Skin Problem and Advice

    Those photos look more like a fungal related issue to me. I would recommend treating using an anti-fungal shampoo for this situation. For a list of shampoos that are suitable read this link...
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    Skin Problems: Re: Sansaís Infections

    Ringworm is a type of fungal infection. The treatment bpatters recommended you try first would have been an effective treatment for ringworm.
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    Diet: Re: Green corn on the cob leaves?

    I've grown corn myself in my garden, so I know it is 100% pesticide free. When that is the case you can feed literally all of the corn plant except the corn kernels themselves. If that is not the...
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    Puberty: Re: How to estimate pig's age?

    how much (in grams preferably) does she currently weigh? It isn't super accurate but we may be able to give you a rough age estimate if we know how much she weighs. This only works for young guinea...
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    Eyes: Re: Guinea pig eye infection?

    I have a girl with advanced osseous metaplasia in one eye. She is now completely blind in that eye but it doesn't seem to affect her otherwise. She is 4 years old, and hers progressed relatively...
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    Re: Help with? Male and female babies

    No they can't have even supervised time together, guinea pigs can mate in a mater of seconds. You are right they won't really know each other any more after a day or two of not being in the same...
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    General: Re: What gender? I think it is female...

    That photo isn't really helpful either, not because of the way you have taken the photo but rather the anatomy of your individual guinea pig, all of the important bits to see seem to be a little...
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    Bathing: Re: Fleas Or Ticks?

    If she were mine i would treat her with kitten revolution. Not many guinea pig safe parasite treatments can tackle fleas, but revolution is one that can. All you would need is 1 does, however...
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    Re: New to guinea pigs! Suggestions welcome!!

    The only potential risk with giving excess vitamin C occurs when the vitamin C is given in extreme excess, if this is the case the potential harm is the guinea pig developing pseudo-scurvy when the...
  10. Parasites: Re: Need Help Identifying Skin Problem and Advice

    Any chance you could post some photos of the issue? It sounds like it could be a fungal infection or lice. Either of which can be treated at home but we need to be able to tell which it is to be able...
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    Eyes: Re: Question about guinea pig eye

    It looks like a classic case of hay poke to me. This is cause by a piece of hay or hay dust getting into the eye and causing a scratch on the eye ball.

    This should be seen by a vet, who should...
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    General: Re: Housing Male Guinea Pigs Alone???

    I have one boar who became extremely depressed when alone. His cage mate passed away and in the few days it took me to think over my options he lost interest in food, and just sat in the corner of...
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    Re: Advice on possible breed

    looks like a netherland dwarf.
  14. Diet: Re: I have accidentally been feeding my guinea pigs iceberg lettuce!!

    Iceberg lettuce isn't toxic, it just isn't good for them. It doesn't have much nutritional value at all and has been known on occasion to cause loose stools.

    Watch them for unusual poops, if...
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    Size: Re: Is a 4x4 C&C cage good for 3 males?

    You are correct about three boars usually being a bad idea, but it is very common and almost never an issue to keep two females together in a correctly sized cage.
  16. Behavior: Re: My sow is pregnant and due soon, but the vet is closed.

    I have personally never found much point in checking the pelvic bones, aside from driving both yourself and the guinea pig in question crazy. One of my girls had pelvic bones 2+ fingers apart for...
  17. Not Eating: Re: Donít see him eating, but not loosing weight

    Yes I have a very nervous, highly strung guinea pigs who wouldn't eat until i left for months.

    She didn't want to eat in front of me but also hated that her cage mate was eating veg/pellets that...
  18. Thread: Boars Fighting

    by Soecara

    Fighting: Re: Boars Fighting

    I have successfully reintroduced a boar pair after a bad fight (both were bleeding, they were reintroduced after everyone healed), so it is certainly possible. However it might be a rocky...
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    Cage: Re: Moving cages with new pigs

    Have you considered adoption? Many rescues are having a tough time getting people willing/able to foster animals, and i suspect there may be an influx of surrenders if people are unable to afford...
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    Fresh Food: Re: Best ways to keep veggies/etc fresh?

    Luckily here in Australia there are lettuces sold with the roots still attached, as they are grown hydroponically, so it lasts much longer in storage. I can get these to last weeks if I store them in...
  21. General: Re: Guinea pig just gave birth tips to keep babies healthy?

    you should see the pups hanging out under her legs with their heads where her nipples are, she will begin nursing them quite quickly but actually get her milk in for a day or two. Before that she...
  22. General: Re: Guinea pig just gave birth tips to keep babies healthy?

    Weigh the pups daily to see if they gain weight, expect a small drop for the first day or two while her milk comes in. Make sure the cage is large enough, if it isn't the pups may end up with chewed...
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    Fighting: Re: Bite Wound Help

    Is there any way you could just house them as two separate pairs in two separate cages permanently? It seems like something about being in a quad group is not working out for your boys.

    Just keep...
  24. Thread: Treatment

    by Soecara

    Ovarian Cysts: Re: Treatment

    Perhaps they don't have an ultrasound machine? Perhaps they don't feel they will get good enough imagine on an ultrasound? All we can do is speculate.

    Honestly though i would opt for spaying over...
  25. Thread: Treatment

    by Soecara

    Ovarian Cysts: Re: Treatment

    Is there any particular reason that surgery to remove the cysts/spaying her is off the table? At 3.5 i would say she is perfectly within the age range that i would personally be opting for having her...
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