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  1. Genitals: Re: Second Opinion: Trouble Sexing Guinea Pig

    That image looks like a female.

    Trust me when I say when you feel for the bone in the penis on a male guinea pig there is no mistaking it, particularly if you compare it to a known female, it...
  2. Thread: How long?

    by Soecara

    In Heat: Re: How long?

    There is no way to get the behavior to stop without having her spayed. She is doing it because of the increased hormones and will not stop until the hormones do.

    In all honesty if you are waiting...
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    Possibly Pregnant: Re: Odds of Pregnancy?

    If she was in with the male for at least 2 weeks the chances she is pregnant are high. It would be unlikely for her not to be pregnant because she would certainly had at least one heat cycle while in...
  4. Thread: Calcium?

    by Soecara

    Diet: Re: Calcium?

    Here is the thing, she has researched kidney stones, but that isn't what guinea pigs get. Guinea pigs almost never get kidney stones and instead they get bladder stones. The information she has given...
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    Exercise: Re: Guinea Pig Wheelchair

    You can get sheets of neoprene on amazon.
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    Re: I'm sorry, baby Punkin. I love you.

    My condolences for your loss. You took wonderful care of him his whole life, and although it may have been short he was loved.
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    Conditions: Re: What is going on with my piggie's butt?

    It looks like a cyst or abscess or tumor, possibly originating from the grease gland. It looks more likely to be an abscess or cyst to me that is starting to rupture open. A vet is in order for this,...
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    Adopting: Re: Help me name my Boar!

    Some suggestions along the gem/rock theme:Quartz, Zircon, Lazuli, Malachite, Geode, Howlite, Jasper, Mica, Slate, Flint, Clay, Basalt, Cinnabar, Gypsum, Onyx, Euclase.
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    Bonding: Re: Worried about adopting male guinea pig

    Perhaps get in contact with rescues around you. Most will do meet and greets to find the best companion for your existing guinea pig, and perhaps your parents may be more open to the idea if it comes...
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    Cage: Re: C&C vs Midwest for 3 pigs

    If you need to separate off the other male later he should have a 2x3 on his own. A pair of boars should ideally have a 2x5. That means the base cage would need to be a 2x8 to make that division...
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    Mites: Re: fleas? or mites? maybe both!

    Ivermectin is Ivermectin, regardless of what it is marketed for. What matters is the concentration when it comes to dosing. If you look at the one marketed for birds it should say something like X%...
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    General: Re: Misc. Guinea Pig Questions!

    1. If you want boars you would be better off going for the 2x5 and 2x2 loft, and sticking strictly to a pair, boars don't do well in trios. If you want sows you can go for either a pair in the 2x4 or...
  13. Newborn Pups: Re: Need To Confirm The Sex of This 5 Week Old

    Personally the pup looks very female to me. If you are feeling a ridge place your finger at the top of the ridge (the point furthest away from the genitals), then gently but firmly roll your finger...
  14. Thread: Foot Peeling?

    by Soecara

    Feet: Re: Foot Peeling?

    Personally I trim any spurs that could potentially catch on something and tear off. That ends up being most spurs. Looking at your photo I would probably trim that spur.
  15. Thread: Cage questionS

    by Soecara

    Cage: Re: Cage questionS

    Personally I would be extremely hesitant to re-home a guinea pig to someone with the history your moms friend has unless they are extremely willing and open to changing pretty much everything about...
  16. Conditions: Re: Ruffled and uneven fur on my long haired guinea pig

    Is it possible he has had a bad hair cut, done by the other guinea pig? Some guinea pigs will barber their cage mates.

    Some guinea pigs will even barber themselves but they can only do that in...
  17. Conditions: Re: guineapigs left with little food for about 24 hours

    I would be looking for deformed poops, small poops, soft poops, strung together poops, basically anything out of the ordinary. If anyone starts acting in a way you are concerned about separate them...
  18. Conditions: Re: guineapigs left with little food for about 24 hours

    Watch their poops and their eating, if all seems well over the next few days then they should be okay. My main concern would be the lack of fiber possibly causing gastric upset, and if that does...
  19. Size: Re: I have a cage size delema -- what would you do in this situation?

    Personally I would have a change of plans and instead of guinea pigs get rabbits. It does sound like the situation may not be ideal for guinea pigs, and a dwarf rabbit may be more suited.

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    General: Re: Best size bowl?

    I would advise against a water dish/bowel and suggest you get a water bottle instead, simply because guinea pigs tend to be very good at getting poop into the water dishes/bowels.

    For food you...
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    Re: New Canadian guinea pig mom to angry boys!

    The ideal size for two boars would be a 3x4 or 2x5 or larger.

    Generally speaking boars do prefer to have the bit of extra width of a 3 grid wide cage but it can make cleaning a little bit more...
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    Chewing: Re: Issues with guineapig chewing habits

    I'm not quite sure how you are holding her that her biting you is an issue. You should be able to hold her in a way so that she can not reach you with her mouth.

    To do this put one hand from the...
  23. Lethargy: Re: 7 or 8 year old guinea pig eating and drinking, but puffed up in a corner and wea

    I have had a guinea pig bounce back from that condition, but it took identifying and treating the underlying cause for it to happen.

    In the particular case of mine my boy had a gastric upset from...
  24. Thread: Injured eye

    by Soecara

    Vet: Re: Injured eye

    I can't say for certain exactly what is wrong with her eye, but I can say for certain she needs to see a vet urgently. This isn't going to get better with just washing it.

    Ideally in most...
  25. Fighting: Re: Once blood drawn & separated, reintroduction possible or separation permanent?

    I have both successfully and unsuccessfully reintroduced a boar pair after a flying ball of fury ending in a period of separation.

    The successful pair were brothers, they went into a flying ball...
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