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  1. Adopt: New york city neutered male and female pair for adoption

    I have a pair of guinea pigs for adoption!

    Neutered male and female. The female is not spayed.

    We have had these two since they were babies and we love them, unfortunately we aren't able...
  2. Adopt: Re: Two baby male guinea pigs for adoption (New York City)

    they were both adopted by Squiggles. she is part of this forum!
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    Cage: Custom Wooden Cage

    Just wanted to show the cage my father in law and i built a few months ago.


    The cage turns into two cages. or you can just bring the stairs down and it turns into 1 big cage.

  4. Adopt: Two baby male guinea pigs for adoption (New York City)

    I have two male baby guinea pigs for adoption. They are 3 weeks old tomorrow.

    I can drop them off or you can come pick them up at my place in brooklyn!

    Rehoming feed of $45 for both or $30 for...
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    Re: Hello! new here

    hahah well our living room is fairly large and we built our own wooden cage which is two floor so it makes it easier to have this many piggies!
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    Hello! new here

    Hey everyone im Guanchy from NYC new to the forum! im part of another UK forum and since i live in the USA i decided to become part of this forum as well!

    currently have 6 guinea pigs, 3 adults...
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