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  1. Injury: Not sure if itís a bite from cage mate or ring worm??

    Hello, I just noticed this on my little guys nose his morning. Iím not sure if his cage mate but him? He never has before. I also donít know if it could be ringworm or something else? Please help!
  2. Bonding: Re: Introducing opposite genders/ Pregnancy

    I know that the girls I have are too old for a pregnancy, the lady I got them from said they were way younger then they actually are. I also already have them separated I wouldn't keep them together....
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    General: Cage setup

    Hello! I have a very tall C&C cage because I have a small room in a mobile home and instead of building out into my room, I built up. The bottom layer is open so I have room to put stuff underneath....
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    General: Smelly boys?

    Hi, I have two 6-month old boys and two 2yr-old girls. They?re guinea pigs so obviously both of them constantly go to the bathroom in their cages. For some reason I have noticed that the boys smell...
  5. Bonding: Introducing opposite genders/ Pregnancy

    Hello! I have 2 6-month old boys and 2 2yr-old girls. I introduced one boy and one girl and they did nothing. I introduced the other boy and the other girl and they both went nuts (in a good way)! I...
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    My boys are fighting PLEASE HELP

    Hi, I have two six month old boars. The boys just recently started teeth chattering at each other a little over a month ago, I figured it was just puberty. Two days ago I got two adult females and I...
  7. Adult Female Guinea Pigs teeth chattering at each other??

    Hi! I'm new here and I really need some help. Two days ago I got two female 2yr-old guinea pigs from craigslist. The lady could not keep them anymore because her husband was allergic. Their nails...
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