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    Ovarian Cysts: Cured from Ovarian Cysts??

    Hi friends, I haven't been on the forum for so long!

    I have an older guinea pig, she will be 7 this September. October of 2018 she began to lose her appetite and lose hair. I took her to the vet...
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    Rehoming: Re: Rescues in the Midwest?

    I live in kansas and I know that there are not any pig specific rescues in the state. Just wondering is there any way you can just have two separate cages?
  3. Frustrated: Re: Is petsmart a good place to get Guinea pigs?

    The only truly good petstore is one that only has adoptable animals from shelters and doesnt "sell" any animals
  4. Cage: Re: How much should 2 used Midwest plus cages cost, and what are their measurements?

    Good to know! lissie
  5. Cage: Re: How much should 2 used Midwest plus cages cost, and what are their measurements?

    I would offer a total of 100$ for the two. You will be saving money on shipping, if you don't have Amazon prime.
  6. Re: "Why do you want guinea pigs?" - a question asked

    I wanted them because I love to care for creatures and they were another that I wanted to care for. I quickly fell in love with their antics and personalities to though
  7. Want a GP: Re: How many hours/miles is reasonable to drive to pick up 2 bonded sows?

    I think for everything you get and the health of the pigs, if she has taken care of them as well as they said, then i would go for it.
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    Bedding: Re: Has anyone tried this bedding?

    I used to use if for my rabbits litterboxes but im pretty sure it isnt good because it is scented and small that pigs would like to eat them.
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    Re: newbie from the Philippines

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Frustrated: Re: The Final Straw

    maybe until you have enough money or have some way to fix the top you could just block the top off unless you are there to supervise. My only other solution would to find a way to purchase grids to...
  11. Bedding: Re: Don't Like Paper Bedding Or Fleece, What Next?

    Also, no matter what bedding you use you should/ will have to clean the cage once a week.
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    Vet: Re: Good vets near Wichita, KS

    Hello fellow Kansin!
    I found that one but I also seem to remember Wichita's humane society often having small animals. You may be able to call...
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    Genitals: Re: Dry patches on guinea pig's penis

    watch for signs of sickness, weigh him daily at the same time record water and food. if anything happens you will need to see a Vet ASAP. You can always call into the vet and just ask if you should...
  14. Fleece: Re: How to clean Fleece that is covered in hair and poo?

    I think they make bags that are meant for washing laundry in that are made of mesh. You could find something like that. Something like these: ...
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    Bathing: Re: Do you bath short hair guinea pigs?

    I have two Abyssinians and I only give them "soaks" every once in a while as in like 1 to 2 times a year. I do this mostly to clean their feet and bottoms. I do not use any soap just warm water and a...
  16. Fleece: Re: How to clean Fleece that is covered in hair and poo?

    I wash my fleece in a pillow case, i make sure to shake it out well before but the case keeps most of the hair from getting in the washer. If its nice out I will dry it on a rack outside and if not I...
  17. Allergies: Re: A question about kaytee bedding vs. Carefresh

    I prefer carefresh for my piggies and bunnies and then Kaytee for my hamster
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    Ramps: Re: ramp with older guinea pigs

    my girls are almost 4 and they do just fine with a ramp
  19. Vegetables: Re: Any other piggies do this with cucumbers?

    My pigs did that so I started to chop it into smaller pieces that all have peel on them.
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    Frustrated: Re: Naughty piggie peeing on hay

    The only way i have found to limit the waste of hay is to use a hay rack
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    Fur: Re: My Abyssinians don't like to be pet.

    My abby girls like heat scratches right between their eyes or right behind their ears. They don't like to be pet along their body.
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    Cleaning: Re: Maggots on cage

    the hanging sticky fly traps seem to work really well for us in the summer months.
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    Grids Re: Extra strong grids!!

    Nope they are 9x9 squares!
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    Grids Extra strong grids!!

    I went to buy some more grids from Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday. Instead of the one kind they usually have they had two different brands. One said heavy gauge steel wire, I figured they were...
  25. Level of Effort: Re: A friend for Henry? (question about a long haired breed and buying from Craigslis

    I have a theme of old man names for all my male pets. Maxwell, Murphy, and Marvin. My girls just get names that fit them, Maezie and Squeaks. In the past I've had Peaches and Tillie. I would...
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