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    C&C: Re: Amazon c&c grids

    Keep in mind with those mesh grids you will probably need to alter them somehow to be able to attach a water bottle.

    Generally when connecting pieces of coroplast we use tape, but you need to...
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    Pellets: Re: Guinea Pig Won't Eat Pellets

    I feed my guinea pigs oxbow garden select pellets, all of them love them. However having said that for many of them it is the only kind of proper pellet they have ever had (as in previous owners...
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    Diet: Re: Guinea pig Diet

    Look into buying hay in bulk. If you have somewhere to store a rectangle bale and can find a local fodder store (or even better local farmer) that sells them you can get a full bale for a fraction of...
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    Diet: Re: Just double checking

    Generally speaking no not really. When you freeze a vegetable it breaks down the cell walls which is what causes it to go mushy and lose a lot of its water content when defrosted, much like how...
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    Lethals: Re: Baby sow Lethal?

    I would say she probably isn't a lethal white. She doesn't seem to have any of the classical signs, and it appears she has a line of pigment along the edge of her ears which would rule out her being...
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    Hay: Re: Different hay cuttings

    When they cut the hay if the weather is right the grass will regrow and they will be able to cut again from the same crop. The difference is usually in the amount of stem and seed heads in the cuts....
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    Sexing: Re: Help with gender determination

    Both babies look possibly female to me. Baby 2 is for certain a girl, baby 1 I feel about 75% sure is a girl. The adult is definitely a boar.

    To be certain about baby 1 you could feel for a...
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    General: Re: Guinea Pig keeps peeing on himself?

    I would certainly want him to be evaluated by a vet if he were mine. I'd want him checked for things that could be causing him pain like arthritis, bladder stones, skeletal issues etc., as it is...
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    General: Re: Guinea Pig keeps peeing on himself?

    One question, how old is he?
  10. Diet: Re: can changing hay/pellets result in weight loss?

    Once I had to change hay types simply due to a shortage of the type i usually feed meaning it simply wasn't available at the time. I usually feed oaten hay, but had to change to wheaten hay (the only...
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    Bonding: Re: Hold guinea pigs to tame them?

    Generally speaking whether or not something is contagious to other animals depends on what is causing your illness.

    Generally speaking if it is a viral infection that is not likely to be...
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    Size: Re: Cage size for 3 guinea pigs

    The size guidelines we recommend are at an absolute minimum 10.5 sq feet for 3 females (or 2 females and 1 male group in which either the male or females are desexed), the ideal cage size for a group...
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    Fur: Re: Advice: Hard yellow fur under chin

    Looks like boar glue to me (guinea pig ejaculate). It should feel quite hard and rubbery. Leave it be and he will get off on his own eventually or the fur will grow out.
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    Fleece: Re: How do I stop fleece digging piggies?

    I have several fleece burrowers. The only thing I have found to stop them burrowing under the cage lining fleece, aside from a piggy bed spread, is to give them what they want in a way that isn't so...
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    Conditions: Re: Moving Cross Country, Pig Status Declining

    If her mother is the one driving is it possible for her to sit in the back of the car with them next to her? The most concerning thing is the lack of poops.

    If so she might be able to take steps...
  16. Adopting: Re: What to do with new pigs (never added before)

    I would go with option B.

    Option A could lead to bar chewing, and it could increase potential aggression during the introductions as your existing girls might get quite uptight from spending the...
  17. Sick: Re: Sudden Sickness in one guinea pig not sure of the cause

    The most concerning thing you have described is the runny poops. That plus the lack of weight gain might indicate a digestive issues. At the very least if he were mine I would start him on a...
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    General: Re: Need tips for my first Guinea Pig

    First things first. Hay. Get it some hay ASAP. That is by far the most important thing in their diet and should make up 90% of what they eat in a day.

    Check out these links for some further...
  19. Diet: Re: Am I giving my Guinea pigs the correct diet?

    For the veggies be careful with cilantro and fennel, they are quite high in calcium. A vegetable that you can feed daily that you aren't currently feeding is zucchini.

    Aside from that my only...
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    Re: New piggie Grandma??

    I don't have much advice for the behavior of Baby B. Have you been weighing the pups, and if so has Baby B gained weight since it was born? If you haven't been weighing them then you absolutely...
  21. Fighting: Re: Help, sharing a cage with 2 female piggies and one of their pups!

    This is a normal reaction for a new mother guinea pig during attempted introductions, her hormones will be running wild right now. As you separated Layla it is like they never met, they have to start...
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    Grids Re: Cage space for 7 Guinea pigs?

    Yes the cage should be large enough for 7 all together if you took the divider down. Provided of course they all get along after proper introductions, and they are either all sows or 1 altered boar...
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    Bonding: Re: Is adding a third guinea pig a good idea?

    From my experience if adult guinea pigs are going to hate each other it happens within the first few minutes of being put together, this can quickly lead to outright fighting (fur flying, blood drawn...
  24. Diet: Re: Accidentally bought oxbox garden select for rabbits instead of for guinea pigs.

    The only difference I can see between the oxbow garden select guinea pig and oxbow garden select rabbit pellets is the rabbit pellets don't guarantee the vitamin C content. The ingredient lists look...
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    Size: Re: Is The Size too Small/

    Don't take their word it is 1 square metre without actually seeing it, or getting real measurements. "About 1 square meter" is vague enough that I wouldn't trust it.

    If it truly is 1 square metre...
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