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    Chat Re: Any other pets?

    The only pets I have personally are my five guinea pigs, but my mom recently took in a 6 week old feral kitten. She's only been with us a week and a half but she's already super friendly with my...
  2. Chat Re: Who is your favorite Guinea Pig YouTuber?

    Most of my favorites rarely/don't post videos anymore. skinnypigs1 is a really good one. I also have a channel, it doesn't have care information and I post some really random garbage sometimes, but...
  3. Chat Re: Are guinea pigs affected by sunlight?

    Guinea pigs are scared of basically anything new. Mine typically stay frozen for a while after being set down on the floor.

    Piggies can overheat and also get sunburned, so having a tarp over an...
  4. Behavior: Re: Adopted two one-year old females, and they are absolutely petrified of me.

    My Zelda was horribly afraid of me when I brought her home, too. Her cage was in my bedroom and she would frantically run to her igloo the moment I came in the room. I remember actually sitting on...
  5. Re: mice problem - attracted to the guinea pig food

    If it isn't already, make sure your cage is off of the floor. I recommend putting it on a table with metal legs that would be hard for mice to climb.

    But, if you have that many mice coming into...
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    Pellets: Re: How can i find out how old my gps are?

    It's pretty hard to guess a guinea pig's age. Their length, weight, etc. varies widely even at a young age. But, I don't think it would hurt your pigs if you choose to let them continue to have...
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    C&C: Re: Leave the Lid or take it apart?

    Both my cages are lidless. My pigs seem to get disoriented when they are away from their cage, so they don't bother trying to get out even when they're pestering each other.
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    Pellets: Re: How large of bag to buy re: pellets

    I have 5 adult guinea pigs who go through 10 pounds of KMS pellets in a little over two months at 1/8 cup per pig per day. So, that's about 1 pound per pig per month. Oxbow pellets probably weigh a...
  9. Re: "Why do you want guinea pigs?" - a question asked

    My dad asked question number one as "Why do you want rats?" because all rodents are rats to an old farm boy. He still doesn't understand why I like my guinea pigs, except Rose who is "the personable...
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    Vegetables: Re: Can guinea pigs eat radishes

    Do you have a bunch of radishes you are trying to get rid of or something? I've given radishes to my girls a few times, but they didn't seem to enjoy them or even bother eating all they were given.
  11. Behavior: Re: Little stinker likes his hay on the floor. Why?

    My oldest pig prefers a pile of hay to sleep on rather than anything to hide under. Her favorite spot is just to the left of the hay rack, in the path of the heating/air vent with a view out the back...
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    Feet: Re: Black Feet?

    One of my girls is a cream/tan color and as she got older her feet, ears, and nails got darker. Her sister is brown and white and one of her nails turned from pale white/pink to dark brown. I worried...
  13. Re: How far have you gone for your pigs?

    I've driven 3 of mine 200 miles, twice. Luckily I was able to shove the coroplast for their 2x4 C&C through the fold-down seats in the back of my car without totally wrecking anything. But let me...
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    Fleece: Re: First time sewer, not sure what to buy

    spy9doc has this covered, I'm just gonna add that the word "sewer" made me laugh. When read, it makes me think toilet water and ninja turtles, not a person who sews (though apparently it is a usable...
  15. Allergies: Re: A question about kaytee bedding vs. Carefresh

    It sure is funny what things different pigs are into. My pair have had the same cardboard box in their cage for over a year without soiling it. It's their favorite hideout (sometimes they even share...
  16. Allergies: Re: A question about kaytee bedding vs. Carefresh

    I'm not really as concerned about it causing URI's as the issues of animals eating it. I have a pig who loves the heck out of vinegar and another who preferred to eat strips of newspaper over...
  17. Allergies: Re: A question about kaytee bedding vs. Carefresh

    Carefresh has stopped using baking soda at the request of their customers (I don't use it anyway, but just saying).

    A few different places I've looked suggest that baking soda is harmful to pigs....
  18. Allergies: Re: A question about kaytee bedding vs. Carefresh

    spy9doc and @kairi26 I've heard So Phresh isn't good because of the baking soda.
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    Fur: Re: My Abyssinians don't like to be pet.

    My aby puts up with petting better than her two shorthaired daughters. The fur on her back mostly goes in the same direction, so I think that helps.
  20. Bedding: Re: Changing bedding combos for the new cage.

    Ditto miniver. My pigs like eating puppy pads and they will dig them up to NOT pee on them.

    I don't know what that kind of fabric is called either, sorry. Did you hear Hancock Fabrics went...
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    Behavior: Re: ticklish or annoyed?

    Kicking and purring usually mean a guinea pig isn't happy. If you give her vegetables while you are petting her, she might learn to like being touched.
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    Re: guinea pigs & vaction

    I've managed to shove a 2x4 C&C cage and three pet carriers into the back of my sedan before. But if your cage won't fit in your car I agree with those who have already posted: it is easy enough to...
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    Hay: Re: Timothy Hay vs Oat Hay vs Orchard Grass

    All hay makes me sneeze when I mess with it, no matter what type. I think it's mostly the dust. I'm also allergic to mold, so it's interesting to hear that can be a factor with hay allergies. I use...
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    Re: I'm a mom!!😃

    They look so fluffy! Congrats on finding those cuties, I hope you have many happy years with them!
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    Chewing: Re: Chewing Everything But Chews

    My pair will chew on pretty much anything, especially parts of their cage. They really like twig tunnels:...
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