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    Re: Anyone use Grocery store GP pellets?

    I use Oxbow and Burgess. At a stretch Vetafarm...but it's the worst of the better ones by a long shot. The rest are all awful.

    My guys like the...
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    Re: Guinea Pig Food Supplier

    Bit late to the party, but I use

    I use Oxbow but mix it with the Burgess Mint to make it go further.
  3. Thread: won't wick!

    by Aertyn

    Fleece: Re: won't wick!

    In my experience, some fleece will just NOT wick. I've had this really nice Lilac fleece for two years, soaked it, washed it, soaked it, washed it on end. Still won't wick. Gave it to my dog.
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    Behavior: Re: Separating baby boy from mum

    And buy earplugs. It's horrible to listen to, but they do get over it. If you can't pair him up with a buddy straight away, fill his cage with toys and fun things to do and a couple of cheap...
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    C&C: Re: Getting C&C Cage on Monday!

    Welcome to the C+C club. It's addictive. As is fleece! (and you're just getting into peak Fleece buying season too). Try Best & Less for good quality, cheap fleece (I rarely spend over $10 on a...
  6. Rescues: Re: Need help finding adoptable pig in QLD Australia

    Try Alex at Gold Coast Guinea Pig Rescue
  7. Rescues: Re: Need help finding adoptable pig in QLD Australia

    Also, try is only for the US and Craigslist is basically not used in this country. Gumtree is where you go for dodgy BYB pigs.
  8. Rescues: Re: Please help! Need a guinea pig in Australia

    Where are you located, that might help. There are loads of rescues on the Eastern Seaboard (right from the Gold Coast down to Melbourne and everywhere in between), I only know of two in SA and one...
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    Pellets: Re: Mazuri 5664 looks and ingredients??

    VetaFarm Cavy Life Origins is also okay to feed, I've tried it with my guys (though they all get Oxbow as their staple pellet, 1tbsp each a day) and they seemed to like it just fine. There is also a...
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    Fresh Food: Re: A Bail of Timothy Hay..

    I keep my bales in a hessian 'bale buddy'. Serious lifesaver. Plus, it comes with handles for hefting it around :P I keep it in the garage and invested in a wicker laundry hamper to keep the hay...
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    Cage: Re: is this cage big enough?

    Just as a price comparison. This is a 2x5 C+C cage. It costs $80. It is 30 inches wide by 76 inches long. In comparison, the largest cage you have is 22 inches by 46 inches and costs $130.
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    Water: Re: Traveling and Need Help With Water!!

    When I moved I used a plastic storage crate (largest I could find, it was 120l which is around 40G I think). Also, when you're not actively moving in the car you can attach a drink bottle to the...
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    Re: Im sick of vets in australia

    Where in Melbourne are you located? I use Lort Smith at Plenty Valley OR Lort Smith North Melbourne (though the Exotic Specialist is on holidays atm). Melbourne Rabbit Clinic are good, as are...
  14. Grids Re: Looking for grids (C&C) in Australia (Melbourne)

    Pretty much the only place to get grids from these days is It is rare to find them anywhere else (sometimes you can find them on ebay, but they can be really expensive). ...
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    Bathing: Re: Help about anal sac cleaning?

    It's actually not advisable to routinely clean their anal sacks for no reason. You actually strip away the natural mucous and can tear the lining and actually cause issues rather than prevent them. ...
  16. Re: Hello, I am new to this site and I need some advice.

    It takes only moments for a male to impregnate a female, they should never be allowed together, even for supervised floor time. Where abouts do you live that you don't have C+C cages? Also, C+C...
  17. Nutrition: Re: Pup not gaining weight as quickly as siblings - should I hand feed?

    Please, PLEASE do not ever feed milk meant for other species to Guinea Pigs, they have very specific needs that are completely different to dogs. (That this advice came from a breeder is not...
  18. Chat Re: Whatever happened to the word "petted?" Or "definitely?"

    I remember in High School, in one of the joint English/Maths room they had all these little sayings around the room to remember spelling and grammar (not that much of it stuck with me over the...
  19. Chat Re: Whatever happened to the word "petted?" Or "definitely?"

    To me, both are wrong. It's 'He likes to be patted'.
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    General: Re: Newbie questions!

    I've got two bonded brothers (almost two years old) and they live in a 2x5. Even though they are bonded and get along very, very well I would not consider keeping them in a cage any smaller than...
  21. Re: Australian,Vic rabbit desexing: Keysborough animal shelter VS Pets on Elgar VS R

    No, sorry I'm not sure on prices or pain Meds, I would suggest calling them and asking.
  22. Re: Australian,Vic rabbit desexing: Keysborough animal shelter VS Pets on Elgar VS R

    Keysborough do do rabbit and guinea adoptions so that are experienced with desexing. However, if you live over that way I'd go to Warranwood Vet Clinic. They specialise in small 'exotic' animals...
  23. Pellets: Re: Is Nibbler Rabbit & Guinea Pig Lucerne Pellets good for guinea pigs?

    You've really only got two options with pellets in Australia. Oxbow (the best, but pricey) and Vetafarm. Nibbler is probably one of the worst ones, along with Peters. If you can buy it in a...
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    Cage: Re: Just finished an expansion! Thoughts?

    Cute. My only concern is the hay loft. I have 1x2 kitchen areas in all my cages and my doubles are okay with that, my trio of girls can get really testy though, especially if one is in heat (you...
  25. Allergies: Re: If i'm mildly allergix to cats, will I be allergic to guinea pigs?

    I'm allergic to cats, but not to Guinea Pigs. My mum is allergic to Guinea Pigs but not to any other (known) animal. Allergies can be a bit weird like that.
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