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    Diet: Will ONLY eat fresh

    I went away on vacation in December and left my pigs with a sitter for 2 weeks. She ran out of food and hay and used some of her own as a substitute.
    It didn’t affect my younger pig.

    My older...
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    Ginger, my walking vet bill

    Admin: please edit the title to remove the injury tag. Thanks 🙂

    more on Ginger. The most expensive “free adoption” ever, lol.

    Can a guinea pig be allergic to hay? Or to a particular hay brand?...
  3. Vet: Amazing Small animal vet in Hamilton/Ancaster Ontario Canada

    I seem to remember a thread not long ago looking for a guinea pig vet in Hamilton Ontario Canada. To date, I hadn’t found one I was extremely pleased with. They never seemed to really know their...
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    Behavior: Re: The bucking bronco

    he is hilarious and so full of personality and energy. I adore him to pieces. But he is the first pig I’ve seen do this kind of “popcorning“. It’s so funny to watch him go.
  5. Keeping Warm: Re: How to Keep an Older Male Guinea Pig Warm

    I put small fleece blankets in the hidey huts. My pigs seem to love them. Bilbo likes to nest, and Ginger likes to burrow. At any given time, I’ll find one hidey or the other full of fleece. It’s...
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    Behavior: The bucking bronco

    Ok, so I have established that my little pig, Ginger, is straight up the weirdest creature I?ve ever had in my family.

    He does this thing. And I honestly cannot tell if it?s his version of a...
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    Pigsitting: Separate or together

    Background: I was sure all attempts at bonding were failed and done after my teen-pig, Ginger, was badly injured. The boys went into a large 4x3 grid cage with a fence separating the space into 2...
  8. Thread: Chewing bars

    by Mousewife

    Behavior: Chewing bars

    My question is twofold.
    1) How do you get guinea pigs to stop chewing the bars between cages.

    I separated my boys after a bad squabble left my younger boar, Ginger, with a cm long gash in his...
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    Sexing: Re: Is my piggy pregnant?!

    Yes, it’s pretty normal to eat hay fairly constantly.

    Female guinea pigs can develop a certain rotund, pregnant appearance as they mature
    if they develop ovarian cysts. Or she may just be...
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    General: Re: Fleece bedding

    I have used those.

    i made my fleece liners with dollarstore and/or thrift store fleece blankets and thrift store flannel sheets and towels. They work great. And the more you wash them, the...
  11. Bonding: Re: Dominance/adolescence/bonding and when to give up

    I’m curious...

    is is it normal for a guinea pig to continue to try establish dominance through a fence?

    They’ve been separated for 12 days, sharing a large cage with a wall. Ginger continues...
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      Cage: Re: Let's see your cage Pictures please.


    Here is where my boys live.

    I have the cage sitting on top of industrial plastic shelf units, so I don?t currently have coroplast under the fleece. It doesn?t seem to matter. I like...
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    General: Re: Dwarf Rabbits and guinea pigs

    Not a good idea.

    1) Rabbits can carry bordetella. While it’s an easily treatable bacteria in bunnies, it can cause much bigger trouble for guinea pigs.

    2) They don’t speak the same “cuddle...
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    Hay: Farm fresh, may contain weeds?

    I just bought my first farm fresh bale of hay. The farm uses no pesticides or herbicides. The bale came with a letter stating that sometimes Mother Nature will disperse seeds in the wind, which...
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    Vision: Re: Watery eyes?!

    I had one other thought last night... mites?
    They can cause excessive grooming and hair loss.
    My mice and hamster have had them. One of my favourite mice lost a patch of fur around her nose and...
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    Vision: Re: Watery eyes?!

    How are you cleaning the area? If you are cleaning his eyes too aggressively, it could lead to some increased redness, the same as rubbing your eyes aggressively or too often would make them red.
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    Ginger, my walking vet bill

    Short version of the question:
    when shaving a guinea pig to treat an injury, how long does it take the fur to grow back after the injury had healed?

    Longer version of the story:
    Little bitty...
  18. Bonding: Re: Dominance/adolescence/bonding and when to give up

    I am officially done trying to bond the boys. They are not compatible. The last effort resulted in a deep gash in Ginger?s shoulder. The hair around the wound has been shaved and I have...
  19. Fresh Food: Fresh grass in addition to dried hay and veg

    I know a healthy diet is unlimited hay, plus ~1 cup fresh veg and 1/8 cup pellets.

    I have a little garden and I have started growing some healthy grasses for my pigs. Mostly, I cultivated a patch...
  20. Bonding: Re: Dominance/adolescence/bonding and when to give up

    Definitely been doing that!:love: I think I have a good spot, but it is going to require moving or selling my sewing machine table. I wish renovating was done. Once renos are done, I?ll have the...
  21. Bonding: Re: Dominance/adolescence/bonding and when to give up

    The boys are now separated. ��
    Ginger is back in the MW cage he did his quarantine time in. Bilbo has the big cage... for now.
    They got into a big squabble (I assume overnight) which ended in...
  22. Bonding: Re: Dominance/adolescence/bonding and when to give up

    Binky and Bilbo got along great in a 2x4? Then again, I suspect they were always a bit of an exception to the rules.

    as for hideys. I got rid of the pigloos. Those were definitely problematic. ...
  23. Bonding: Dominance/adolescence/bonding and when to give up

    Long story short: we lost our beloved first guinea pig to a sudden illness. That was in May. We waited a bit before adopting our new pig. He was an adorably shy 4 month old pig who came to us with...
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    Storage Areas: Re: Good hay holders?

    I am currently using a bird suet feeder. The squares are slightly smaller than the squares on my c&c cage. It’s not really big, but does the job. Best part is, it’s easy to fill without making a...
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    Behavior: Re: Boars when there are females around

    I'm wondering if someone can help me with this?

    Right now my boys get along really well. No major arguments or squabbles beyond the odd food-napping caper. They are lovely together.

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