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  1. Thread: New here

    by Smileandnod

    Re: New here

    Yeah, this cage is not even big enough for your single male pig. Just looked up the dimensions 29"L X 17.5"W X 22.5"H. That is just slightly bigger than a 1 x 2 grid c&c cage which is small for a...
  2. Thread: New here

    by Smileandnod

    Re: New here

    I would check to see if the fleece is wicking. If the urine is puddling on top of the fleece before soaking in that is probably why she is wet.

    To baby proof the cage, get rid of a metal hay rack...
  3. Thread: New here

    by Smileandnod

    Re: New here

    Just be sure that if it is a multi level chinchilla cage that you are aware of guinea pigs' different needs.

    Guinea pigs need enough space on a single level because they aren't climbers. You can...
  4. Thread: New here

    by Smileandnod

    Re: New here

    I believe it may have been mentioned before, but please make sure the mother's cage is big enough for her and babies. Please check cage sizing here on the forum...or let us know what size/type cage...
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    Pregnant: Re: Pregnant Pig signs of pending birth?

    Just make sure Mr. Bojangles can't access her cage after she gives birth. If you have an open top c&c and just divided them when you found out he was male, be warned that he can and will climb the...
  6. Introductions: Re: How long should they stay in the neutral cage?

    Be patient with them as they figure it out. Seems like things are going well as there hasn't been any real fighting.

    Put a few extra piles of hay to make sure original pig is getting her fair...
  7. Hair Loss: Re: Pulled out a clump of hair when picking up guinea pig

    Did the hair have what appeared to be bits of skin attached to the clump? Do you have a picture of the hair clump?
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    Ramps: Re: New owner looking for advice

    Make sure your ramps are not angled too steeply. You want a nice gradual incline/decline with sides to prevent injury.

    As far as taming a guinea pig... guinea pigs are prey animals and therefore...
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    Injury: Re: Emergency: Bleeding nose

    A car ride will not stress your guinea pig as much as you think.

    I had a guinea pig that needed to be driven over 4 hours to an exotics vet specialist at the University veterinary hospital in...
  10. Newborn Pups: Re: Has anyone seen this before? Very little hair.

    Very cute little one!

    Please make sure they are in a large enough cage for moms & babies. Size recommendations based on amount of pigs you have now can be found on this site or post here and we...
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    Re: Meet my Guinea Pigs!

    Welcome to the forum. What a couple of handsome guys you have there!

    I am sure you want your little guys to have a healthy and happy life, so I would like to make a few easy suggestions which will...
  12. Stones: Re: Guinea Pig 6 years old - Bladder Stone - not sure what to do

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Rest in peace dear Geegee.

    Welcome to the forum. I wish it was under happier circumstances, but I hope you find comfort amongst friends here on the forum. Take...
  13. Re: Been a guinea pig family for over 5 years now.

    Welcome to the forum!
  14. Stones: Re: Guinea Pig 6 years old - Bladder Stone - not sure what to do

    I can sympathize with you as I am dealing with a similar situation right now with an elderly female who also has Cushing's disease.

    I would advise getting a kitchen scale. They are inexpensive,...
  15. Behavior: Re: I'm not sure if my guinea was killed or died? We are very confused!

    I am sorry for your loss.

    I also want to apologize for the posts lecturing you about where you got your pig, especially while you are grieving.

    My thoughts are her cagemates may have been...
  16. C&C: Re: Good cage size for 3-4 female guinea pigs

    I will always recommend a loft or other usable space to be more than 1x anything. Just 1 grid wide is just too close for pigs to pass and usually leads to aggressive behaviors even in the sweetest of...
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    Re: Sweet baby Ginger

    I am sorry for your loss.

    I understand all too well the pain of losing a beloved pet. Even though you may think you are prepared after a long illness, the pain of loss is hard to shake. Sometimes...
  18. Re: Looking for Guinea Pigs near Chattanooga, TN

    Looks like there are several animal shelters near you who have guinea pigs up for adoption right now.

    Please be prepared with a large enough cage for your new guinea pigs and proper supplies...
  19. Neutering/Spaying: Re: Our pig sammy passed away after ovarian cyst procedure

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    It is difficult to lose a much loved friend.

    Take care...and know that you are amongst friends here. I hope you take comfort in being a part of this forum..
  20. Fighting: Re: Piggie bullying his brothers and I canít fix it!!!!

    I have a female who is very territorial. She will lunge and be aggressive with any other pig if she is in a cage that isn't AT LEAST 3 grids wide (just over 42"). That's just her personality. Give...
  21. Want a GP: Re: I need advice, i rly want a guinea pig and i want to treat it right, any advice h


    The best advice I can give you is to make the sincere effort to read through this forum. The immense amount of info you need to be prepared and educated is all here.

    I mean truly...
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    Re: My Baby Girl

    I am so sorry to hear Brownie passed away.

    It is so hard to lose a beloved pet.

    Take care.
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    Water: Re: Food stuck in nozzle

    It happens a lot! Check those water bottle spouts frequently. I give them a little tap each morning and night to make sure they are working properly.

    Guinea pigs are notorious for playing with...
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    Eyes: Re: Little Bear's ouchie eye

    He is such a handsome guy!! Love that hair and coloring!

    I hope he is better soon. Well wishes are being sent from me and my herd.
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    Grids Re: Swing Grid Questions?

    If you zip tie at each connection and zip tie a few times in the middle, you should be ok to have a sturdy area that will not sag.
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