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It's rubbing off on my brother, lol

by guineapigluver1 on 11-07-10 at 12:17 pm
I was checking this forum earlier with my little brother in my lap. He saw a picture of a single guinea pig, gasped and said "Aww! Dat pig sad! He sad 'cause he don't have a buddy!"

Rocky's trip to the vet

by guineapigluver1 on 09-24-10 at 08:49 am
Two days ago Rocky started up with foul smelling diarrhea. The day before we found vomit from one of the cats, and are almost positive it was Rocky. He seemed a little off from his normal self and when I weighed him he had lost two pounds within days. Today we took him to the vet (such a little attention hog and suck-up! He loved every bit of it-except when they got the fecal sample ). The vet tech weighed him (13 pounds 12 ounces) and took him out to draw some blood. Then the vet came in and

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Updated 09-25-10 at 05:39 pm by guineapigluver1


Penny gained weight!

by guineapigluver1 on 07-15-10 at 09:00 am
For those of you who don't know, Penny is one my three cats. She was diagnosed with FIV a year ago. She has been underweight for her whole life She does retain her weight very well and doesn't lose it, but she is underweight.
Today I weighed her and she gained a pound! That is a big step. I'm thinking maybe because we are giving her nutritional supplements.

Please keep my little brother *Updated*

by guineapigluver1 on 07-10-09 at 01:48 pm
Earlier, while my sister and mom were gone getting their hair done. I was putting my brother down for his nap, and I thought he had a little bit of a fever. I called my mom and she said she would check him when she got home. Not long ago, he just had a seizure. My mom is taking him to the hospital right now, so please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

ETA- Read fifth comment.

Updated 07-10-09 at 07:27 pm by guineapigluver1


It's actually kind of fun!

by guineapigluver1 on 04-16-09 at 01:38 pm
Today I babysat alone for the first time. The first two (or three? I can't remember. It was either two or three) times it was with my sister as I have babysat before by myself, but only my little siblings, not someone else's child. My sister was just across the street and was ready to come over if I needed her and I had my cell phone with me. Before she even left Amelia went down for her nap because she hadn't had a nap in the morning. So basically I watched TV, going in Amelia's room one time when

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Updated 04-16-09 at 01:44 pm by guineapigluver1

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