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    I just find that you are coming off rude to me, and I recognize that I had an attitude with a few messages a while back, but I have been a member here for a LOT longer than that and was never a problem member. The past few months I've been going through a bit of a hard time, so I understand in retrospect my comments came off in poor taste, but it all started because of me defending another member. Perhaps I should nave have done that. Anyway, I suppose the only thing I was unclear on was that you originally told me I was "temporarily banned" until a certain date, and I was under the impression that time has come and gone. I'm sorry you think I'm wrong in saying so, but I find the whole thing of having to "earn" back my normal status to be a bit much. But what can be done. (Clearly, nothing.) Thanks anyway.
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    I'm not understanding a proper way to contact you since your profile has seemingly been updated, but I am really hoping to get this infraction or whatever it's called removed - I saw your last message to me saying it wouldn't be utnil July 12th - I don't know why I have to wait that long as this point and really trying to access the adoptables discussion to discuss my guinea pigs possibly needing to be rehomed and this block is preventing me from doing so. I have been a member of this forum for a VERY long time and understand I had an attitude a while ago but I really feel it's been long enough, and I hardly post here anyway! But I'm in need right now and would really appreciate the help in trying to post. Sigh. This isn't a big request, I believe it's already been more than a month.
  3. Promoting bad advice is the same as giving it. Your website has a forum specifically to talk about breeding guinea pigs--that makes it a breeder/breeding website.

    As far as whether or not your intentions are/were to use Ly's info for your site...I have no idea if you are or not. That's why I said "It sounds like". I never said it was definite. Maybe if you spent a little more time writing legibly there would be less confusion about what you are trying to say. Regardless, you are now banned so I don't have to waste any more time trying to decipher your posts.
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    WHAT! i am not stealing from any source! you people are out of your mind! I have my own Piggie! you are all basher's! You are out of your minds for saying all these things.! you can look at it if you think I'm using this stuff. I sited this site as my links because i know it has more up to date information on guinea pigs. And I would love for all of you to stop saying things that are unnecessary. I want to care for my Piggies like the rest of you!
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    What are you talking about! I guess you people don't really READ things like you say you do on this site! That is not my book! that is another person who has wrote the book and I've been promoting it. It is actually very informative. I am reading somethings on it to get informed. Please STOP IT!. read before you talk. Don't sit here and say things. I sited different sources, and i know many people who have read that book. And it actually helps for your piggie, I specifically wrote that on my site, that these are different sources which i did not write, and are from different people. SO READ, like you do on here ans stop bashing. Your here to actually ''help people'' BUT YET you do these things wow!
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    I do NOT appreciate what you are doing against me! using Ly's info for my site? wtf are you serious! is there anything on there that concerns her diet plan. Just stop it! none of the moderators are like you! They are not bashing me for stupid crap! Do you have it out for me, for no reason!?
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    Sorry it won't let me reply or send you private message ok? lets just leave things like these before they get over hand. thank you.
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    Please don't be rude about that, its about learning from your mistakes and at least having people to help you so you can get the accurate information. I'm not here for drama or to be disrespected. I'M HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MY GUINEA PIG. So i could help her become happier and healthier. Nothing is Garbage if it could be fix. And nothing on the site sites advice. Just links to help people look for other info. about their pets and for people to discuss and correct any mistakes. So please don't put me down. I'm here to learn and if i made that it's because i want to learn more and other experts who know can actually help me and others. Thank you =]
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    I was just wondering if anyone has taken legal action against your Keyboard Warrior behaviour? Because I was talking to a lawyer friend the other day and the topic of internet harassment was mentioned and you were the first person that came to mind! So it leaves me to wonder whether there has been an attempt at a class action lawsuit against you yet?
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    Thank you for adding me.
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January 26, 1969 (52)
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I am an all animal/breed rescuer and homeschooling mother of 2.
In Oil Covered New Orleans - FUBP
Guinea Pigs:
Daisy (deceased) a female gray and white silkie rescue, Daffodil (Dilly- deceased) a short haired tri colored rescue female, Baby Elly Lil Ly MEGABEAST a black and white silkie cutie and Gumbo (deceased) a neutered, Katrina rescued Abruvian male
My Cage:
I have a C&C type cage made up of 100% recycled materials. It is slightly bigger then a standard 2x4 C&C cage. It has a loft with a plastic, corrugated drainage tube as a ramp.
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, 2x4, Constructed Cage (non C&C), Includes upper deck, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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