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J ulia, a 53-year-old woman, with a kind face and sweet smile, short stature, brown hair that reaches her shoulders, black eyes and a little plump decides to change her life.

Since the end of her divorce, Julia had gone through many things to get her due in court, there were 2 houses and 3 cars in between, and at least half of all that corresponded to her, because although she had never worked , at home everything was in perfect condition, her children had been raised in the best way, and by now everyone had graduated from university, the oldest Alejandra was an architect, Héctor the middle was a lawyer and the youngest, Fabián , he had just gotten his degree in industrial engineering.

Still Javier refused to give credit to his ex-wife Julia, although deep down he knew he was right.

Finally the court decided and Julia received one of the cars and one of the properties, specifically a small house that was in the center of the city, a little neglected but quite well located.

Her children were helping her in any way they could, and although she didn't need anything, the lady spent the day very bored and with nothing to do.

Julia decided then to do something that had never occurred to her; to work.

Her mother was a barber and therefore she understood and knew how to do all this process.

At first he laughed at his silly idea but later that day, looking in the mirror and reflecting, he accepted his own idea and continued with it.

All the paperwork was exhausting, many things had to be prepared despite the fact that it was only to open a small room in her living room, but Julia was determined to go to the end.

Two months later everything was ready and her children went to celebrate the inauguration of the small compound.

Alejandra: Good mom, you did it - he said hugging her-.

Héctor: I hope everything goes great for you.

Alejandra: When you become famous the place will have to be remodeled, for sure this place will burst.

Fabián: Take that for granted.

Julia: Thank you guys, but I don't think that will happen, maybe all this was just a waste of time.

Héctor: Don't say that mom, you'll see how it goes for you.

Julia: Thank you all.

At first the room was empty, too empty, especially for an enclosure that had a notice and was in the middle of the city.

About 2 months passed before something happened.

That afternoon Julia resigned herself once more and leaving the small room, she went to her room.

Julia: I guess nothing will happen again. What a man is going to want to come to this old woman's house.

Julia looked at herself in the mirror as she undressed and put on comfortable clothes to be at home and immediately noticed everything that she despised about herself: her height, her little rolls in the abdomen, her huge tits and her bulky butt, it was "disgusting" According to her, avoiding continuing to see herself, she quickly put on a robe that covered her to the knees and prepared to watch television in silence again.

Passing between the channels, she found a pornographic movie, which surprised her terribly, especially because of the hour since it was not more than 3pm, then concluding that it was a channel specifically for adults.

On the scene a man in his 25s licked and avidly sucked the pussy of a girl of about the same age.

That image excited her a lot and before long she was caressing her pussy over her panties, it was exciting to see this scene but sad to also remember that long ago no one touched her.

With the passing of the minutes the masturbation became stronger to the point that Julia was licking her lips softly and moaning and it was then that she heard herself from the front of her house:

- Madam, is anyone there? I have been told that there is a barber shop here. Ms.

Soon after, the visitor noticed the doorbell of the house and rang it.

Julia, who was awakened from her erotic dream, ran to the bathroom to quickly get ready and receive her first client.

"Wait a second please," he was shouting from inside.

Despite the fact that she was excited to know that someone was finally coming to be seen in her living room, she was slightly upset that her masturbation session had been interrupted, as it was the first that had occurred in several years.

Finally, Julia came out to greet the client without even taking into account that she was still wearing only a robe as a garment.

"Good afternoon, ma'am," said the boy.

- Good afternoon young man, excuse the delay and go ahead.

Julia looked up and down at the boy who seemed to be about 30 years old, tall, athletic, dark complexion, had short hair but a very long and unkempt beard, which made him look like a hippie in her opinion.

However, his green eyes and kind face made him look attractive.

- Sorry for the trouble, ma'am. My name is Andrés and I come very urgently.

- Oh no not at all, excuse me, I was a bit distracted. Nice to meet you Andrés, I'm Julia.

- You see, tonight I have an appointment, and then I had decided that my beard was perfect and that it would make me look interesting, but I'm doubting ...

- Well, if it's already decided, I can help you and remove that horrible mountain of hair that you wear.

- How honest - he laughed - well I put myself in your hands.

Julia led the gentleman into his living room and seated him in a chair in front of a mirror.

The room was only occupied by the chair, a mirror in front of it and 3 more chairs around it.

- Wow this place seems a little empty- commented Andrés-.

- Yes, it happens that only until two months ago I established this site, the truth is that you are my first client - answered Julia, who was already right behind the boy and ready to start the work.

- Then what are you waiting for, Mrs. Julia, my beard is all yours.

"I thought you would run away," Julia laughed.

- Not at all, something tells me on your face that you are very good at this.

Julia began her work without saying anything else and with great care and affection took care of making this young man's beard look perfect.

As he advanced he noticed that the young man was seriously very handsome and more than once he stared at him.

- How am I staying?

- Well, let me tell you that you will surely fall in love with the girl who crosses you.

Julia continued the work and it was when scissors fell right in front of the seat and bent to pick her up that she noticed that Andrés was more than satisfied.

In the boy's pants a very powerful instrument was clearly marked which, when observed by Julia, could only sigh.

- Something wrong?

"Oh no no no Andrés," he said without getting up, still looking at that piece.

- What is Mrs. Julia looking at?

- I, I, excuse me, excuse me, is that ...- he said getting up.

- Oh. It is already clear to me, excuse me, I did not think you would notice.

- It's hard not to see it

- Yes ... I ... uh

- Already, calm young man, surely the date has you more excited than normal.

- Not so much

- How not? he said laughing, "don't you see?

- If I noticed, it is not the date that has made me like this.

- Then young man? What happens to him.

- Well, you happen to me.

Julia was stunned, her mouth was closed, her gaze didn't seem to express anything, and she simply dedicated herself to continuing her work in the most mechanical way possible.

After 15 minutes, Andrés was ready for the appointment, and along with paying, he apologized to Julia.

- Excuse me, Mrs. Julia, I shouldn't have said anything, sorry, it was a lack of respect.

- No no, it does not offend me young, it is that these things were left in the past for me, understand? I was shocked when he said that such a problem was due to me.

- Well, but why?

- I just don't know how to solve those problems anymore, I'm an old divorcee, my time passed.

- Lady don't say that, you are wonderful, you are very active, talkative and attentive.

- Thanks young man, I would hug you but I'm afraid to cause you the same problem again.

- Hehe don't worry it hasn't disappeared.

Julia looked down instinctively and was surprised.

- What a hold boy, youth is something splendid.

But seriously, how do you get like this for an old fool?

- Doña Julia don't say that, or ask me that, I just know this happened. - He said stroking his crotch - is that with those dates it was made even easier.

It was then that Julia noticed that she was only wearing her robe from a while ago, her nipples were clearly visible through the fabric, her legs stood out and once she folded everything was left in the air.

- My God, I'm crazy, I didn't notice it.

- Don't worry hehe.

- Oh, stop being so rogue, huh, this shouldn't have happened.

- Nothing has happened yet, lady.

- Yes, if it happened, you have me looking at your crotch, as hypnotized I am.

- Do not worry, come and see better.

- Not!! Oh young man, please- he said with fear-.

- Julia you are wonderful, please come here.

Then little by little their bodies approached, Julia let Andrés carry her and soon they were back in the hairdressing chair, each one in their corresponding positions, sitting, and she kneeling in front of him.

Andrés I do not know contained and opened the zipper releasing his 18cm stiff cock, before which Julia could not help but sigh.

Seeing such a delicacy a few inches from her, Julia kept licking her lips and Andrés, who wasted no time, started jerking off to provoke his victim

Covering the entire shaft with his hand, he started a very slow pull that also made him sigh and moan, after about two minutes, Julia began to rub her tits and pinch her nipples while watching the show.

Andrés called her to get up and once he was close to her, he decided to take her tits and suck them.

"Oh, yummy, Mmm, a lot has happened since the last time," Julia said.

Andrés continued his work and concentrating well on that pair of boobs he began to give them nibbles that sent a current of pleasure throughout the body of that mature woman.

- Oh oh ooooh ****, yeah.

Soon after, they exchanged places and while Andrés was sitting he took off her robe and went straight to Julia's pussy.

A pretty hairy pussy, with flavor and smell, intoxicating and very chubby, the latter made him very funny, and at the same time it excited him because it looked very greedy.

Andres was soon sucking and fingering that pussy and Julia could not stand it anymore.

- I'm coming, I'm coming. I come ****.

After licking Julia's liquids, Andrés waits for Julia to catch her breath before continuing.

"Julia, I want to **** you," he said from one moment to the next.

- Do it Andrés, I wish it.

Andrés took the seat again, and then Julia positioned himself on top of him, slowly threading his cock, which seemed to be even longer than before.

- Little by little, please, Ay Ay what a delight, you are huge. Ufffff.

- Go at your own pace

Julia began to make slight movements up and down, for his part Andrés was sucking and biting the tits of his mature lover, stroking her hair.

Julia suddenly threw herself on the spike and stopped the moan of pleasure as much as possible.

- Oooh yes, what a delicious pussy you have.

Andrés felt the sky touch with that onslaught of Julia and the rhythm followed, increasing even the intensity.

- Oh. Ay Andrés, Ay Ay thus, uuf yes yes yes, give me hard aaaah yes, yes.

Julia was amazed and kept increasing the jumps on Andres's cock.

- So darling, uff how rich and warm your pussy is, Ay ay ay I'm going to come, Ay sii, si si.

- Yes, fill me with milk if yes, give it uff give it.

Andrés exploded inside Julia, leaving her pussy full of milk and causing it to drip.

"Wuao," he said.

"Wow, that was ..." she began.

"Great," he finished.

- I want more...

I hope you like this first installment, thanks for reading.
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