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About annabobana1432
I'm 18, basically a first time Cavy Slave. I hate one when I was probably six years old but I was highly allergic to the hay. My mom and grandma thought I was allergic to my piggy. I had another pig named Outlaw that passed away not long after I got her, I think she was sick when I got her...I had a rescue boar, Howard, who was surrendered to Petco by his owner. He died probably of Bladder/Calcium stones not even a week after I brought him home, making me think he was also ill when I adopted him.
Guinea Pigs:
Mickey: 1 1/2 year old petco surrender, adopted July 2019. Spoiled rotten chonky boy, weighs 3 1/2 lbs. curious emo Abyssinian piggy. one of his markings makes it look like he has mascara running down his face and he has a mohawk.
Minnie: sassy poss
My Cage:
they're both starter cages from petco, I plan on making C&C cages or buying bigger cages.
My Cage Specs:
Investigating a bigger cage, Planning on making a bigger cage, Pet Store Purchased Cage, in use


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can y'all tell if Minnie is pregnant? 09-07-19 03:24 pm
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