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About FoxintheHerd
I am a 28 year old girl (I am probably about 12 in my head), living on a military base with my awesome husband of 5 years. My husband fixes helicopters...or something to that effect. I am an artist, a dreamer, a housewife, an animal lover (not strong enough word to describe how I feel about animals-they are better than people-no offense to all the humans reading), a lover of long naps and sugary foods, I am a nerd in the purest sense of the word. You know; dungeons and dragons, lord of the rings, warhammer, manga, etc. I have three amazing dogs that snort to show me their love, and I found a man that loves animal kind as much as I do. We currently support....around 40 animals at our house, wild and domestic. I feed my one legged wild magpie named of course, maggie, everyday. She loves dog food and calls all her friends to eat. I feed a flock of sparrows all year round, as we are the only source of food in our cold winters. And exactly one woodpecker. I am currently studying and creating in order to go to university next year for art.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Guinea Pigs:
I have four messy little beasts, all male of course. So I am cleaning up after 5 men on a daily basis :p

Our pigs came to us as two pairs of brothers. We got Pork chop and Bacon bits (my husbands Idea to name them lol) from their previous owners.
My Cage:
The cage is a dog run (3X5) on the cement floor of our basement, with fleece bedding and of course pigloos and enrichment toys
My Cage Specs:
Constructed Cage (non C&C), Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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