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About Amanda Marie
I am 22 years old, and i am college student studying Sociology.
Guinea Pigs:
Rudy: Calm relaxed
Shadow: Crazy, loves to lick people
Bear: Aggressive, and skittish
New baby: Full of energy, loves Rudy
My Cage:
3x6 C&C cage, split in half two pigs on both sides.
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, 2x5 or greater


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Funny Young Pigs!!!

by Amanda Marie on 06-11-15 at 02:50 pm

So I have a trio out of my 5 pigs, and the trio is Merlin, Miloh, and Rudy. Merlin and Miloh are the pigs in the first two pics and Rudy is the last one. Merlin and Miloh are birth brothers both 5 months old, and Rudy is 5 1/2. Rudy is such a push over, he use to be the boss of Miloh before i returned to get Merlin, and Miloh was fine with it and now after having them together for about a month or

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The hurt I feel about all the pigs I find needing homes.

by Amanda Marie on 06-02-15 at 10:35 pm
Ugh, Does anyone else hate finding pigs on craigslist and things with their sad circumstances? It makes me want to rescue all of them and take care of them. Some posts make me so angry and others utterly break me, There is a person selling guinea pigs as a food option for dogs for the "raw food diet"... There are like 12 on the post and it hurts so much that people do this...... Also seeing guinea pigs being thrown out due to them buying them on impulse and ending up realizing that they

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My guinea pig journey... its been a long road ...... End

by Amanda Marie on 05-28-15 at 12:31 am
On October 23, 2014 Reese passed away- unknown causes or vet said internal Cancer-
I have no idea what happened to Reese in all honesty... he was fine and he was bonded with Bear and Rudy at the time. He acted totally normal up until the day he died. He was asleep when i fed them before my day at college and he was happy and hyper the days up till then....Then in my class i got this feeling, and i told my professor that i think that my guinea pig was going to pass way while i was gone.. he

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My guinea pig journey... its been a long road continued.........

by Amanda Marie on 05-28-15 at 12:29 am
Then on April 5, 2013- Kovu passed away- Unknown causes-
I had gone down to my old home town which was 2 hours away, and when we got home my boyfriends mom said she gave the pigs some carrots and what not. I saw Kovu acting weird, he was laying down under the loft (which was now Dexter's cage) making weird growing sounds....i thought he would get better, so i watched him for a few minutes to see if it was just a irritated sound that guinea pigs make.. it wasn't. By the time i got home it was

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My guinea pig journy.. its been a long road

by Amanda Marie on 05-28-15 at 12:16 am
I thought that my first blog should be about how i came to be a cavy slave(not on forum). I want to share my experience of getting guinea pigs and their each individual stories that made me love guinea pigs. I am sharing my own learning experience and many of you may say that what i did was wrong and i know that, i have grown so much and I continue to grow. I have 5 years experience with guinea pigs. So here is my guinea pig story....

I got my first guinea pig Kovu on December 12, 2010.

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