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I am 20 years old Ive been a piggie parent for 5 years. I live in a small town on the eastern shore. Ive been around pets litteraly all my life. When I was brought home from the hospital my parent had 2 chihuahuas. Then at the time I was about a year old they got a boxer so Ive been around small and big dogs all my life. Then when I was 5 I got a cat (on my dads birthday lol) I still tease him about that. I dont have any of those pets anymore the 2 chihuahuas were sister but the one my parent got rid of when I was a baby cause she got mean. She would attack her sister for no reason. Then she bit my dad which was shocking cause she luved my dad like more than my mom even though she was my moms dog. But they were afraid if she bit my dad she might bite me. The other lived to be 14 years old (14 people years). The boxer died later on cause some stupid kids poisoned him. They kept going through our yard and my dad was not having it. So he threatened to let the dog on them. But rocky was not mean at all dad jus got fed up with them cause he told them time after time. So later we found him dead in his outside kennel. Then we got another boxer a few months later sadly he had cancer. We spent hundreds trying to keep him alive. So later we put him to sleep. Then about a year later we got another, the third lived the longest. Then when my dad left us my mom bought me a pug. But when we lost the house and we moved into my dads moms house. My dad was living with his gf, the pug lived with us and my cat we took over to my dads. Then my grandmother made me get rid of my dog, shes not a pet person and she never lets me forget it. Then my dad brought my cat over cause she was afraid of my dads gfs boy cat. My cat was spayed and her boy cat was not neutered. So he would chase her and she didnt want no part of him. So when he brought her over naturaly she made we get rid of her. I had that cat for like 8 years so that was the hardest. Not that getting rid of the pug was hard but I only had the dog about 9 months. Then 5 years later we moved to an appartment. And I cant have any pets unless it lives in a cage. So we got a gp who is now 5 years old (dont worry we let her out for play time). Then almost a year ago today we lost my 2nd pig who was only about 5 months. We only had her for about 2 months out of those 5.
Salisbury, MD
Guinea Pigs:
Gin-Gin & Cinna - they are brother's roughly 3 years old. Adopted them March of 20014. We sadly lost Gin-Gin in September.

Star -He sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in March, 2014 :( R.I.P. little Star.

Bella - Sadly she is no longer with us, she
My Pig Page:
My Cage:
2x4 C&C cage with 2x2 loft
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, 2x4, Includes upper deck, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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