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About CavyLover1234
I am a teenage girl and have been loving guinea pigs since I was 8 years old.

I might not post as much in the school year as I am busy with school. :)
Guinea Pigs:
Puff, my 4 year old silkie girl and Asha, a female Abyssinian under a year old. I got puff from a pet store (Before I knew the truth about pet stores) and I got Asha from a family who could no longer care for her.
My Cage:
I Am redoing my cage! I have made liners, and lots of new toys! The pigs love it.
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, 2x3, Includes upper deck, Pet Store Purchased Cage, no longer used as main cage, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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Watch your paws!

by CavyLover1234 on 08-31-12 at 01:05 pm
The day started out as a normal day. I, Puff, was relaxing in a cuddle cup when my owner came over. She said something about spot- cleaning the cage. She put on her glove and started with the downstairs. I moved upstairs. I hate her glove she wears! I gives me the creeps!

And guess what?! Asha followed me! This was MY idea to go up stairs! Asha needs to stay down stairs! (Or should I say, down ramp) Anyway, Asha was up with me, and this is not the best thing in the world. I'll show

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"It's my veggie, and you aren't getting it!" (from Asha's point of view)

by CavyLover1234 on 08-20-12 at 10:51 am
" Hey Puff,smell that? It's the smell of... CARROT! Oh boy,oh boy! Come on Puff, let's do wheeks and mad popcorns! Here comes our owner!

Right before I got my carrot, I went over the routine in my mind: grab veggie, and holding it in your teeth, race away from Puff as fast as you can. (I'm top pig here, but why she takes it away from me I don't know)

We were both on one side of the cage, and... There's the carrot! I zoomed to the other side of the cage.

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Never under estimate the smartness of piggie minds

by CavyLover1234 on 08-09-12 at 04:59 pm
Today I was spot cleaning the cage. My ramp is made of 2 1/2 grids, and 4-5 layers of fleece ontop of that. Asha likes to get under a layer of fleece at the bottom of the ramp, and sleep. (I really need to make her a cozy sack.) I was ready to spot clean the bottom ramp area, and to do this, she had to be woken up. Asha woke up, and then gave me her famous "what for?" look. She moved, and I undid the clips on the ramp, folded up and clipped the top layer of fleece to the side of the cage

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The positions have changed.

by CavyLover1234 on 07-12-12 at 07:04 pm
Awhile back I posted in the forums about my two pigs. Asha was dominant, and Puff was submissive. I thought that Asha was probally just in heat, but way more rowdy that usual.

The thing is, though, it looked like Puff was testing Asha's dominance.

Now, Puff is dominant, Asha is submissive. I did not realize this until today, and I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Mostly, Puff would tell Asha to go away form her, to the second level. She

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