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  1. Zuidy is going to be taking a break. Thank you all!
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    Hi Zuidy! How are you? Piggies well?
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    thank you. i wont let them get me down. just sometimes they make you feel bad, you know. im hoping the rest of her pregnancy goes well and hoping the labor process isnt too fast or too slow, hoping it goes smoothly. i will keep you posted with thread posts and photos of mom and babies when they come
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    can you get on chat :'(
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    I'm sorry for the flame war on your thread. How is Lila?
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    I had ano issue on another forum that got me moderated here.
    I didn't know what cavy caged meant until you asked.
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    Hi zuidy! Havent talked to you much
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    Thank you.
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    you should come on chat
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    come to the chat
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About Zuidy
Muskegon, Michigan
Guinea Pigs:
Lil' Babe, Smooth coated, Black + Brown + White English Guinea Pig

Lil' Sis, Scruffy Coated Black + White Abyssinian Guinea Pig

I've Been A Cavy Slave For Around A year.
My Pig Page:
My Cage:
2x4 C&C, White Grids, White Coroplast, 2 Water Bottles With Float Indicators in loft base, 2 Ceramic Food Bowls in loft, opposite ends, Green and White, 1 Homemade Wooden Hut on far end of base, Hay Rack on top and bottom
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, 2x4, Includes upper deck


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Recent Entries

Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 17-- Oh boy! Where To Begin?

by Zuidy on 09-28-12 at 07:15 pm
Nothing bad has happened, just to clarify right off the bat.

I haven't blogged in quite some time now.

I have followed through with my plans of taking a break from the forums and I decided to pop in for a bit of time and say hello, reply to a few threads, and of course, continue the Piggy Pages.

My 2 girls are doing great. Lil' Babe, the cutest, cuddliest Pig, and her grumpy alter-Piggy-ego sister Big' Sis are doing great!

They are maintaining

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Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 16 Part 2-- A Bit Of A Revision

by Zuidy on 08-18-12 at 12:24 pm
In page 16, I said I was going to leave. I was mad, sad, and confused.

Now my head has cleared and I know what I am going to do.

I will not be AS active as usual, but I will be posting here and there for people who need minor advice, and threads I deem not too "dramatic"

And of course, I love chatting in the chat room, so that's a perk.

Thanks to the wonderful @Paula who shot me a PM that kept me

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Personal , Issues

Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 16-- An Accepted Apology, A Fresh Start

by Zuidy on 08-16-12 at 07:44 pm
If anybody has read any other parts of my blog, they would know somewhat how I feel.

I want to help people around the forums, but I am finding it so hard.

And today has been the hardest.

I finally lost it today. I called a 13 year old's parent a word that will haunt me now for the rest of my life. It got me threatened with a moderated status, meaning my posts have to be looked at by a Moderator before they will be shown.

And then I cooled down.

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Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 15-- If Threads Had A Better Starting Foundation

by Zuidy on 08-12-12 at 07:49 pm
So, for the past few weeks, I have seen my fair share of threads closed.

Usually I let it pass because I agree that threads need to be closed. And I am sure this was the case here as well.

But one stuck out to me. A thread about a certain Pig being pregnant.

I quoted a Moderator, not asking for said Moderator to come back and start an argument. I just wanted to show how people had not been listening to the OP and constantly repeated questions.

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Zuidy's Piggy Pages-- Page 14-- Thank God For Cuddle Cups!

by Zuidy on 08-10-12 at 12:49 pm
So, I had the girls out for some Floor Time in their pen earlier while I was cleaning their cage.

It was time for them to go back, so I got Big Sis' in her cuddle cup and put her back. Easy. 1 to go. I get Lil' Babe, and start walking over to the cage.

Their playpen is made out of grids, so 15 inches tall, about. So I had to step over the wall and get to the cage which is just beyond the pen.

I get one foot over and all is good, and then proceed to fail with

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