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    Oh no! Poor Bosley! I hope his surgery goes well and he does fine.

    Nothing's really new with me as of right now. Just normal summer laziness. I finally got Animal Crossing: New Leaf for my 3DS and I have been playing it more than I probably should be. It's really fun.

    I've also been planning on moving the pigs' cage to a different spot in my room. I'm getting a little bored with my room setup right now so I'll probably be doing a little redecorating sometime soon.
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    Hello! What's new?
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    Thanks! I hope it looks good.
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    There's nothing much new with me.
    My boys are doing great. I made a hammock for them and they love it!
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    Hi! What's new?
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    Thank you for helping me out ellisa!
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    Hope your exam goes well.

    My boys and I are doing great. I tried putting CareFresh instead of fleece in the cage loft but I hated it. It got all over the cage. Not to change the subject or anything, but I fixed my sewing machine yesterday. It kept jamming so I took it apart and gave it a good cleaning, re-threaded it and adjusted the tension and all that other fun stuff. It sews perfectly now. Im pretty proud of myself for doing that.

    I think that picture is one of the best examples of Marble's perfect stink-eye look. Thanks, by the way.
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    I love your new setup.

    How have you and your pigs been these days?
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    That's good thy you like your job.

    Redoing cages is fun! I hope you and your piggies like their new sized home.

    My grandparents' visit has been fun.
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    Nice! Do you like your new job?

    My grandparents are coming today and they'll be staying for a couple weeks, but other than that, everything's basically the same around here.
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About ellisa
I'm a 22 year old university student. I love animals of all kinds. I am also owned by a cranky chinchilla and 2 shih tzu mixes :)
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Guinea Pigs:
Penelope, an Aby sow & Sheldon, a Silkie mix boar! Both are fixed.
My Cage:
3x4 C&C
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, other combination, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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Recent Entries

Happy Pigaversary, Sheldon!

by ellisa on 02-16-13 at 06:29 pm

Today is Sheldon's 1 year Pigaversary!

He's come such a long way since I got him. He was such a sad little pig when I went to pick him up from his previous owner. He was in a laundry bin which I think he was in for a while in a dark and musky unfinished basement.

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One Year of Penny!

by ellisa on 01-23-13 at 08:51 pm

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Piggy Pictures

by ellisa on 09-07-12 at 04:55 pm
Picture time!

Oh, no! She's making us pose again...

Penny looks like such a little loaf when she lies down. Sheldon always looks so elegant.

Please excuse Penny's chiny-chin-chin. She was just eating... Again...

Penny: Well that's enough of this, lady. I'm outta here!

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"Got rid of"

by ellisa on 08-14-12 at 05:31 pm
I hate seeing ads for cages or accessories where the people say something like "I got rid of my rabbit and need to sell it's cage." Or "We got rid of our guinea pig blah blah blah." It just sounds so harsh and cold. Like the animal was just a disposable item, not a living, breathing creature. Wording it like that makes it sound like their pet was some sort of god-awful hindrance.

I have never re-homed a pet. I simply could never do it. I made a life long commitment

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Cage Expansion and Pigtures!

by ellisa on 05-23-12 at 02:39 pm
Hello, everyone!

A few days ago my family and I moved into our new house! We are all very happy to be here, and really love the place. Since the pigs don't have to be in my bedroom anymore, I was able to expand their cage a bit. Penny and Shelly went from a 3x3 C&C cage to a 3x4. Sadly, I think a 3x4 is as big as we can go, but the piggies seem to be rather pleased! They are lazy bums when they are in their cage, but once they hit the floor for play time, boy can they run!

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