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    You're so lucky! I love Florida, we go every year. How was your vacation? It sounds like your piggies really missed you. It will be hard for me to leave my piggies if we take a vaction this year. I'm hoping I can take them with us What did you do in Florida? I wish we could move there!

    The piggies are doing really well and me too, how are your piggies, how many do you have now? I remember you got a new one or two. How are they all doing together?
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    I just wanted to say hello! I haven't seen you online in a while, you know I still visit your "tongue picture" sometimes when I need to put a smile on my face! I just love that picture, I hope you are doing well
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    Thunder is doing great! Happy as ever. I want to get him a friend soon but I want to expand his cage first, which will probably very soon We are making it a 2x5.
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    Hey! I just wanted to tell you how adorable your piggies are.... which you probably already know.... . heehee.
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    Hi Stef
    I just found your message. Thanks for the hello. I love this forum as well. I have only had my little guys 3 weeks now and have already learned so much!! I am currently in the process of building a kick butt C&C cage for them. My husband says I'm building a guinea pig "palace". I can't wait until it's done.

    Not sure what you use for bedding but I just went out and got some fleece today and am excited to make the transition from the bedding stuff. Ran across a thread today which talked about using U-haul furniture pads as padding/absorbant layer under the fleece. Can't wait to try that out as well.

    Again, thanks for the hello. I'm sure I'll catch up with you again.
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    Hi Stef,
    My name is Tamlyn or Tammy; or Tam's fine too. I don't mind being called Kiwi either I answer to anything nice

    Yes I like being cheerful. I figure we have control only over two decisions when it comes right down to everything - no matter what happens we choose whether we are going to feel as good as we can manage or as bad as we can take it. I've found I prefer to feel better than worse. Not that that means I fool myself either its just a choice about where I'm prepared to spend energy. You know that old saying where attention goes energy grows? So I figure I put my focus and grow energy in the nice feeling stuff rather than follow the majority of the flock. Good just feels better!

    Thanks Stef!
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    I really enjoyed looking at your photo's the feeling from your piggies is really nice. A harmonious herd of 5! I'd love to experience that kind of herd life when I am ready for our piggies.
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    Lol, my girls seem to always turn their butts to me every time I put the camera by them haha. It takes like 20 minutes to get a good picture sometimes. But the picture you have of the piggy on her butt! Priceless!! Love the tongue one too haha

    Thanks, I like the design too, I was worried I might have to downsize their cage but it worked out thankfully. I will certainly keep everyone posted on what happens, hoping they get along better this time or at least eventually. I told them if they behave and get along I'll combine the cages so they'll have a super huge cage ! So let's hope the talk worked :P

    I too love to make collages! It's the only way to portray all the piggers! I make them from scratch usually but I found an online thing that has premade templates, and theyre cute! Life saver too used to take forever to make one of them!
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    Thanks so very much for your message. Violet thanks you for all the compliments!
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    Hi Stef41!
    Your piggies look like movie stars in your photos! So cute! How do you get them to cooperate long enough to get so many good pics? My piggies are only still long enough when they're eating! haha
    Well I also wanted to tell you another thing. Our previous conversation was when I was planning out my new cage, and now I have finally finished all the tweeks and had an unexpected surprise with a new piggy and had to make a divided cage! If you'd like to see them they are in my page albums
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I currently own five female Guineas.
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Life-changing decision...

by Stef41 on 02-15-11 at 04:55 pm
I am going to use my blog area here on this forum to do some venting and thought-organizing for myself. This could be a long and drawn out blog-post...and possibly quite boring for some (most) people.

I have been studying towards a degree as a Clinical Psychologist for about 4 years now. I love the field of Psychology and consider myself gifted in the area. I am very attracted to learning and helping others through the information I gather.

However, about a month ago,

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