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    I'm so sorry Kathlaaron! I didn't realize that the "Ruby" suggestion was from you! Well, just so you know I've actually given it serious consideration, so thank you
  2. I have never used the photo gallery ( don't know how to because I would love to share and show off my piggies!) just on my personal albums page, so sorry !
  3. Did you get my message ?
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    Hi! I was wondering why the photo gallery isn't working? Do you happen to know..?
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    Glad to help give you some reassurance
    Just looked through your albums and your cage is fantastic! Your piggies are so cute too! Cuddles' colors and rosettes are adorable, but of course so is Buttercup!
    About your loft though, you say it's sturdy but just to make it look better, take a left over grid and overlap it in the center of the two grids in the loft and zip tie it to both grids and the bottom grids that support the loft. That will straighten it out and make it even sturdier. If you go into my albums and look at the half red half blue cage I think you should be able to tell what I did.
    My girls have been very testy with one another lately... Cinnamon is just being a bully and of course little Calypso just lets her and "whines" about it, they're like little kids! LOL
    Well good to talk to you! It's been awhile, I haven't been on much, between final exams for school, finding a home for Ginger, and all my other little responsibilities I'm just busy as heck!
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    I just noticed your message about Wishbone's ear. There is a nibble out of it. The original owner got her as a three week old and she's always lived alone so her mother or a sibling must have bitten it when she was a baby. Once, when I was doing a pick up at our local animal control for our rescue, the workers put a mother, baby and another female in a box. By the time I got there to meet the person from the rescue, the baby's ears were chewed off. I was horrified. It was adopted very quickly and the loss of the ears didn't affect it.
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    Hey! I called you back...we seem to keep missing each other! I'm off work until Sunday night now so call any time!
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    Yeah, I understand completely! I would think it would be a good idea to post it, but I know it may upset some people. You could post something about your experence and that you have a little olympian on your hands.
    After I first built the cage, I was trying to find a hay rack that would work , so I made one out of coro and I made to whole to big so Sugar got in it. I was standing over top of her telling her how silly she was and right as I was about to get her out, she shot straight up! I have never seen anything like that before. My god she scared the crap out of me! So now I just have an open litter type box for the hay. But I would definitely let the company know. I just think it's rare to see piggies jump and that's why alot of people think it dosen't happen. Is she always very active like that? I bet she is so much fun! I love watching Sugar running around and .... why does the vacuum cleaner make them go crazy? I get some serious popcorning when I turn it on!
  9. OH thank-you so much ! Actually, I just took the ramp down make ( one side is against the wall, so Buttercup can't jump off that side) the ramp higher!!

    You know, I plan to alert cavy spirit about this because the " C&C cage kit comes with the ramp) that is NOT high enough for "potential jumpers" !! I am not mad, but yeah...that recent post of a piggie falling from the top of a cage like mine, sure did scare the heck out of me !

    I do want to post about this for everyone to see, but do not want to step on any one's toes, so to speak. Where should I post this important information ? I would naturally ( out of respect) send a private message to Ly&Pigs but she is just so busy, and doesn't get a chance to answer me, unless it is about an infraction. Any suggestions ?
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    I'm glad Buttercup is alright, I think some piggies just like to jump. I'm sure it scared you like crazy! We saw a clip on youtube of this piggie who sprinted out of his makeshift playpin, so I was very scared in the beginning of the piggies jumping out. It's probably good you took down the ramp. I read the post about that piggie who fell and I went back to being paranoid!
    Have a good day!!!
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About kathlaaron
I am 45 yrs.old , a former Pre-School teacher, wife and mother.
Oak Creek, WI
Guinea Pigs:
I have two girls, Cuddles and Buttercup. They have brought a lot of joy into my life, and I love them to pieces ! On bad days, they give me a reason to wake up in the morning !
My Cage:
I have a 6 x 2 C&C cage with a 2 x 2 hayloft.
My Cage Specs:
Planning on making a bigger cage, C&C Cage, 2x5 or greater, Includes upper deck, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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