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  1. Yes yes I'm still around, just living in a rental way out of town for the last few months where the landlady promised internet and has not delivered on the promise... hence we are moving again... I'm in town once a week at the very most - mostly once every two weeks so bear with me please....
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    Hi I haven't been around for awhile and am back now and wondering if you are still around??
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    Hi. Sorry it me so long to reply. I've been viewing the forum on my phone using an app, but it doesn't notify me of messages, which I didn't realise.
    Anyway, I'm in Auckland with my two piggies. Hopefully Skylarnz is still keen so the group is a little bigger, hehe. I'll just give you email here since I can't PM yet and it might take awhile for me to get passes newbie status. It's sj DOT granger37 AT gmail DOT com.
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    I read an older post you had about composting. Can you compost kiln dried pine bedding? I say you can..but hubby is worried about urine and the poops. It would also be the timothy hay they dont eat enough of and lay around on it. If there are any links you have that i could show him its safe i would appreciate it. thanks! sherry
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    Sorry It's taken me so long to get back to you. Archie's neuter went well besides his abscess but we have that all cleared up. He seems to be much happier now that he can be with his girlfriend Charlie. =P As for the babies, My parents wouldn't let me keep them sadly. It actually took me some time trying to find them homes and I just found a home for my last boy a few weekends ago (and they're around 5 months old). I wish I could have kept the little girl though.
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    Thank you I'm one of the more active members from the Southern Hemisphere on the forum (I've also been around for awhile) and that's why I was approached to be a mod. I consider it a great honour to have been picked truthfully
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    Hi KiwiCavyAdorer , I just finished the cage today actually. I will be moving it up to my office tomorrow after church and then I will put the boys in their new place. I am sure going to get video of them in this new cage. I will post links to the video when I get it. <3
  8. As of July 3rd 2011 I am foster Mother to Maximus von Lichtenwaelder (translates to BrightForest) He is a roan? abysinnian with red eyes. He is approximately 4 months old. Loves people, snuggles into your arms stretches out, yawns and settles until he needs to pee. He is a wonderful wee being.
    I am so happy to Finally have care of a wee guinea pig... when I find my intro I will post more detail there.
  9. Hi Stef, My name is Tammy. I don't mind being called Kiwi either I answer to anything nice Yes I like being cheerful. I figure we have control only over two decisions when it comes right down to everything - no matter what happens we choose whether we are going to feel as good as we can manage or as bad as we can take it. I've found I prefer to feel better than worse. Not that that means I fool myself either its just a choice about where I'm prepared to spend energy. You know that old saying where attention goes energy grows? So I figure I put my focus and grow energy in the nice feeling stuff rather than follow the majority of the flock. Good just feels better! Thanks Stef!
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    Hi Kiwi (do you want me to call you that or do you have a first name you like to give?)
    I'm Stefanie if you didn't guess! Stef's fine

    All of your posts seems so uplifting! I wanted to thank you again for your advice in response to my blog about changing careers. Your viewpoints were refreshing and much appreciated!

    You just seem like such a happy soul! Happy to know you on here! Take care!
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About KiwiCavyAdorer
Holistic Lifestyle Consultant Horse and Humans, Orthopedic hoofcare specialist for horses
New Zealand North Island, near Wellington
Guinea Pigs:
pre-paving guinea pigs for my future, researching lifestyles and homes that appeal to my sense of joy
UPDATE: JULY 2011 Maximus von Lichtenwalder comes to be my 1st foster child-pig indefinitely
My Cage:
My idea's for housing would be along these lines:- indoor wall mounted / wrap-around so they could run from room to room. I couldnt accomplish that in this cottage but plan is to facilitate freeflow access to/around us.
My Cage Specs:
Planning on making a bigger cage, Constructed Cage (non C&C), Includes upper deck, Pet Store Purchased Cage, in use, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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