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    haha! !!!! ur funny
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    hey, you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
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    Since I made the two new hay hangers out of the 6x6 wire grids they seem to enjoy both cuts equally, and now love to lay underneath them as a new hide spot, since I mounted them so high on the wall. I wouldn't really care if they preferred one cut over the other, at least now that I'm so well supplied (: But they were equally happy with that straw like Kaytee crap from the pet store, so they are obviously not that picky! I just put them on fleece last night, and they seem pretty happy.
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    They seem to prefer the coarser cut of hay, or perhaps it's just the U-shaped hay bin I made last night (by gently bending a 6x6 cube piece and zip tying it to the top of their cage) that I can lay a whole load in, instead of jamming it into the comparatively tiny store bought hay rack. Maybe I'll make another for the other type of hay and compare that way, but I've only noticed Squishy eating that type (the finer with more brown mixed in). It's nice that I fixed it high enough on the wall that they can still easily run under it, and usually just stand under it and munch (:
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    Let me know if you buy the closet/wardrobe thingy (: I'm not sure if I sent you the messages I meant to or if I sent them to me (had a link to the item from the Walmart website), so let me know if you got them.
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    I found a pretty cheap and convenient way to store the bales inside. Since you said you are limited on space (I rent an apt, so am I) I thought you might be interested. If you go to the nutrition section you'll find it in my post about switching from Kaytee to farm hay, near the bottom of the post.
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    Hehe, thanks for the picture comment of my lil' Cadbury. He sure is a cutie! You got some cuties yourself! =]
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    Hi Kim, thanks so much for your comments on my pigtures! I have had several people inquire about how I get my piggies to hold still and such...but honestly I must just be lucky. I don't have any tips or tricks really, they just generally stand still out of curiousity when I put the camera right in their faces .

    I looked at your cage pictures! I am sorry you had to seperate them...I've been following your struggle with the intros...I really hope things improve! I hope you'll keep us posted. Besides that though, the cage looks GREAT! I love the "Fire and Ice" that's so clever! Hehe. And your fleece is adorable!!! Good job!
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    Hello Kimberly !
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    I hope you'll post picture of this new cage once you've finished!!!

    I'm so excited about my own that I may have to start the project earlier than I planned!!! I can see how this gets addicting! LOL
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About Kimberly713
I'm a student majoring in Geology. I love animals and have two pigs and a 13 yo cat.
Kent, Ohio, United States
Guinea Pigs:
Well my pigs were bought, and while I can't say I regret buying them because I just love them to pieces! I can say I wish I had done my research just a few days earlier than I did and I've learned a whole bunch since then.
My Pig Page:
My Cage:
C&C Cage. It changes all the time lol
My Cage Specs:
Investigating a bigger cage, C&C Cage, 2x4


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Just Stuff: My Life W/ Pets

by Kimberly713 on 01-25-12 at 03:47 pm
So this weekend I was home and watching that show "Hoarders" on Animal Planet with my dad. There was an episode where a woman had far too many pets to be doing them or herself any good. It started because she had always wanted a pet and her parents refused, so once she was on her own it got a little crazy, yada yada. Well my dad looks over at me and says, "So this means I should have gotten you a dog. Now you're going to grow up and have like 50 huh?" I hadn't thought of it but

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I have a problem.

by Kimberly713 on 12-09-11 at 11:20 pm
I have an extreme urge to rebuild my girls' cage again. I have done it like 8 times in the past year and a half I've had them. Doesn't sound that bad right? Well the thing is, I never see them anymore. My parents have them while I am in school, and the lack of change is bothering me from a distance. haha. And I'm not even an architecture major, but actually an Earth science major. I suppose on the bright side, I am going on break soon (About time!), so I will most certainly be spending my time re

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Off to College!

by Kimberly713 on 08-23-11 at 08:51 am
It's been awhile since I'd been on here and I felt like it's time to share how my girls are doing in the past months. Those who don't know me on here, I've got two girls whom I love to death! Cinnamon & Calypso. They are about sheesh, 15 and 16 months old now? :0 They are doing fantastic! I can't believe how well bonded they are becoming too! (It only took a year ) I saw them in the same igloo napping the other day for the first time ever! They still boss around the cat at laptime and he's

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Happy Easter to all.

by Kimberly713 on 04-24-11 at 01:00 pm
Wanted to say Happy Easter to all who celebrate and Happy Sunday to those who don't :P
I made a card to send to everyone for Easter, wanted to share.
Just stuff , General

Thinking about the future. Both mine and the Piggies.

by Kimberly713 on 04-12-11 at 03:50 pm
Well I really just wanted to write down some of the things going on lately in the present, and what is to happen in the future.

Well in my life a lot of great things will be happening and I'm so excited! I am going to be the first in my entire family in many many years to go off to college at the end of the summer. Meaning I am graduating High School in June! yay! My graduation present is to fly back out to California (where I'm really from) and visit everyone before going off to college.

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Calypso just loves posing for the camera, she's quite the diva. Thanks guys <3