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    Hi, so sorry I haven't been on the site lately and just saw this message.

    All the babies were very healthy and adorable! One went to my best friend as a companion to her piggy, and the other two were rehomed together to a very knowledgable owner and are very happy with their new family.

    We rehomed because we found out our other young "male" was pregnant. And yes, we got a new vet! LOL
    She was pregnant with four, but just one lived. I was fortunate enough to be there when she delivered, otherwise I'm not sure any would have made it. She was just way too young to be having babies. And we kept that baby that survived.
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    Thanks for your pic comment! I LOVE this piggybedspread. It was expensive but worth it. Yep I got it from I takes me 15 minutes to get it in the washer, as opposed to an hour with fleece and towels
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    Good luck finding an abby! All thne pigs around here are abby's, I can't find any other breed. Oh well, they are adorable.
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    Thanks! I did (:
    Guinea Pig Tutorial
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    Hi, Cinpepmeg, I tried to respond to your friending request, but the site did not let me for some reason. You did not show up on the page I was supposed to go to. So I tried to friend you instead. Did you get my request?
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About Cinpepmeg
I'm a 14 year old girl who fell in love with guinea pigs when I was 8. I live in British Columbia, Canada and play hockey. In the summer I like to go salmon fishing and spend hours upon hours with my guinea pigs. When I'm older I want to become a marine biologist and research orca whales.
Guinea Pigs:
I am the proud mom of my three girls. Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Peppermint. Nutmeg is the calmest and most laid back, Cinnamon is the most outgoing and crazy, and Peppermint is a mix of the two, maybe because she's had them as role models to look up too!
My Cage:
I have a 2X5 C&C cage, I'm working on expanding it and adding a second level
My Cage Specs:
Planning on making a bigger cage, C&C Cage, 2x5 or greater, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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Wow!! I'm gathering ideas for when I extend my cage and this is amazing!

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Lots of time to spend with my girls

by Cinpepmeg on 09-29-11 at 11:57 pm
My girls have been very happy this week. I've been home from school with a concussion I got in hockey on Saturday. It isn't a very bad concussion - I wasn't unconscious for more than a minute and a half but I couldn't remember the fall. I didn't have to go to the hospital thankfully, my team's manager and safety person said I was fine to only see a doctor. So I went to the doctor the following day and was told to cut school and any physical activity this week. By Tuesday, I was feeling good enough

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Overdue post

by Cinpepmeg on 09-02-11 at 01:42 am
I haven't done a blog post sense December! I think it's time for another one. I never did adopt the guinea pig I wanted at the SPCA, although, fortunately, the person who bought her littermates came back for her.
I also haven't posted a picture of my piggybedspread yet. I still have plans to sew my own fleece bedspreads and thanks to Rnd210 I know what to use. For now, when I wash my bedspread I lay down fleece fitted for their cage size, over top of puppy pee pads which sit on a shower curtain.

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My Piggybedspread is finally here!

by Cinpepmeg on 12-21-10 at 04:11 pm
After a long wait my piggybedspread finally arrived yesterday! My girls absolutely love it! And now that there's no more shavings flying around the room is tidy! I was also able to make a fleece tunnel for them. I didn't have to sew it either - I just followed Rnd210's idea here: piggies are in HEAVEN! They love all the fleece! Now that I got that I can work on expanding my cage.Now after all

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The newest addition to my family comes home tomorrow!

by Cinpepmeg on 12-06-10 at 11:28 pm
After 3 weeks, I finally decided to adopt another guinea pig! I am naming her Vanilla and she is hopefully cominghome tomorrow!!! I a, adopting her from the local SPCA and she is 1 and 1/2 months old now - roughly! It's not the one I mentioned in the last - someone else got to her and her brother before me and left "Vanilla" to be the only guinea pig. I fell in love the moment I picked her up - she's so perky and definately outgoing and of course healthy. I am soooo excited I will update

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Updated 12-21-10 at 04:00 pm by Cinpepmeg


Just an Update

by Cinpepmeg on 11-12-10 at 07:06 pm
The other day I was cleaning out my 2X5 C&C cage. I am still waiting for my piggybedspread which should be here in roughly 3 weeks so I can finally get grid of the messy kiln-dried pine shavings! Peppermint likes to race around the cage and fling sawdust into hard to reach places in corners where the cage is right up beside the wall and usually that is where the sawdust goes. Anyways, whenever I clean out the cage I always put my girls in an old pet store cage beside me and they all stay in

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Updated 11-13-10 at 01:23 pm by Cinpepmeg

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