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    I do! Last week my cage went 10 days, then it was looking nasty, but it still didn't smell. I do find that it smells when I lift it and take it outside when I'm cleaning, but, I'm cleaning, so it's ok. Shrinkage does occur with overheating, so I now do recommend that people wash and thoroughly dry them BEFORE they cut into them. Other than that I've had zero issues and mine still look the way they did when I bought them in October, they are only softer. Good luck, let us know what you think in a week.
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    No problem! I got my first bag in August, I just did the math today and they have gone through almost 28lb (they have been getting more than 1/8th a cup, that is changing). So with my 3 girls it should last hopefully until August of this year. If not maybe a month or 2 short of a year.
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    Okay maybe this will help? Here's what mine looks like when I log in-
    Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
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    Thanks! That is prefect!

    As a side note, to post a blog, there is a green bar at the top of the page that says "My Profile", "Blogs" with a drop-down menu. Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
    Follow this link if you're having issues finding it.

    Click that, it will say "your blog" Click that, then on the left it should say "post to your blog" or something along those lines. Then you can have a blog entry!
  5. Well, since I can't figure out how to post a blog and am sure I can't until Im a "Cavy Slave" I'll just put this here. I once tried my Guinea Pigs Food...and it was DISCUSTING. Haha
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    Cute Piggy Pictures!
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About Ammy&Stevie
Hi! Im Tylor, 14, who has three piggies!
Guinea Pigs:
I've been a cavy slave for about three years now! I have three girls currently- Amavette (Ammy), Stevie, and Rosette (Rosey)! Ammy is Tri-Colored Smooth, Stevie is dark brown smooth, and Rosey is Tri-Colored with calics!!
My Cage:
2x4; light blue Chloro, white grids!
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, 2x4, Constructed Cage (non C&C)


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Looove the black and white one <3

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by Ammy&Stevie on 08-01-11 at 04:15 pm
Finally, Im getting an actually C&C cage!! What Im using now (shower curtain and the wrong type of cubes) isn't working and just looks sloppy. My grandma, bless her, is going to get my cage for me <3 Im getting a 2x4 for my three girls [currently have a 2x3]. With light blue chloro and white grids <3<3<3 Im super excited. Also thinkin gabout getting another piggy!

Long Time No Blog! Updates!

by Ammy&Stevie on 07-09-11 at 12:01 am
Well, my three girls are doing great! My Rosie is all grown up now! I have them in a 2x3 cage. I still dont have any chloro as Im still using shower curtain bottom; and might I say it is messy. Im trying to get my mom to buy me a chloro bottom but money is tight right now. Im thinking after I get my cage base, Im going to switch to some other kind of bedding because fleece is just smelly and grose. All my girls are doing just fine, and Ammy is still going strong on her 'Circle' trick! <3

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Feels terrible..

by Ammy&Stevie on 04-05-11 at 06:41 pm
Had to downsize my piggies cage.. all the way to their old store cage.. I just didn't have enough room after I got a new bed, dresser, tv stand.
I still have their grids and I am making a playpen out of them that I plan on letting them loose in for most of the day out in the living room.
I feel terrble.. :C

Color changing? LOOK-->

by Ammy&Stevie on 01-26-11 at 06:42 pm
Showing my friend Rosie yesterday, I realized how different the dark spots on her back were changing. It's not a bad thing, just the color. Could anyone tell me why? I didn't think this deserved to be put into a thread.
Here she is
Thanks for looking!

Moved my girls into my room!

by Ammy&Stevie on 01-21-11 at 08:21 pm
Well, today I got my Uhaul blanket and put it to use immediately!
I moved my girl into my room, they look so comfortable.
My fleece though, has yet to come in, so Im using sheets over it for now.
Also, their sweetmeadow food is on the way! It will come in tomorrow or today.
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