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    Oh,that's awful. I'm so sorry, rats aren't 'just rats', they are such cool animals! I'm sure Rosaline had a wonderful life with you. ((HUGS)) How's the rest of the clan doing?
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    tht is the life x) i just finished my cage todaay i added another room soo now it will be living like royalty (sorta)
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    Are your piggies happier now that they are seperated?
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    ooohkayy that lookks like a nice cage she must be happy thereand yeea i noe what u mean i use to havve arat she like to be with just me and her babies
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    Her name is Moeske it means mousy in my language (frisian)
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    Darn eh, that stinks since the whole point of having another pig was so they could be friends. Not like you could now try another pig for each of them. So I think you should have a big cage with a divider so they can sniff eachother and see eachother so at least that way they have company that is safe
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    How frustrating. I guess that is the chance you take with boys.
    Did you ever try (before blood) to clean the cage totally and all the items in it so there were no smells of anyone?
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    I'm well thanks! What happened that your guys had to be split up?
    How sad.
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    Yes I got another piggie, and no you didn't ask me yet I see you also got another piggie! isn't it great to see them running around together?
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    Yikes! I've never seen a piggie fight. Some teeth.chattering but no more. I couldn't even imagine. I do.hope they work out their differences and realize how nice it'll be to have some company.

    I.can't really help you with all the aspects of introductions. I'll be introducing my female Annabelle with the trio if the cage expansion and all goes well. Then later my boy when I can get him neutered. I'll be reading over everything I'm sure more then once

    Aww. I'm sorry to hear that about Yoshi. At least she has.and will have her remaining time in a good home!
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I live in colorado and I love all matter what they are.
Guinea Pigs:
I have two pigs, Ronin and Jasper. They are so cute!
My Cage:
3x3 with added hayloft.
My Cage Specs:
Planning on making a bigger cage, C&C Cage, other combination, Includes upper deck, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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2010 was the toughest year EVER

by Feeorin215 on 02-25-11 at 11:15 am
Yeah, so I'm not dead. I didn't drop off the earth doing heroic manuvers and I sure as heck didn't get hit by a mac truck while doing cartwheels in my underwear in the street. I have just been so busy, it's now time to catch my breath and catch you guys up on this past year (or few months) that I have been missing from this site.

I found a job back in September. I work at a local pet resort here in the springs. They had just opened. I am now a seasoned employee who gets to work with

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A new cage for fightin' boys.

by Feeorin215 on 09-04-10 at 10:26 am
I finally found the time to redo their cage. In a previous blog post, I went on and on about how Ronin and Jasper got into a fight and how blood was on Jasper's side. He's fine now..almost healed and doing well. BUT it's not like they could live together for at least a while.

I broke down their old house and now they are in a 3x4. Here's a couple pictures now. You can see larger versions of this on my profile.

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Tried to save her... (sad story)

by Feeorin215 on 09-01-10 at 01:23 pm
My dad left in the morning with my brother to go to work. I was sleeping on the couch with Chloe (my dog) when about 15 minutes after they had left, I hear my dad screaming down the driveway for me to come outside. I didn't even think to put on shoes...I knew something was wrong.

I ran outside and down the driveway in a panic. I saw my dad standing on the side of the car, peering through the window. I run up beside him and look through it too.

I see this little kitten,

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Ugh. Boys will be boys.

by Feeorin215 on 08-25-10 at 02:45 pm

I had to break up a guinea fight today. I was so scared by the time it was all over, I was trembling. I'm not sure who started it, but I was sitting on the couch and I hear a loud BANG and then screaming from the pigs. I ran into their room to see a huge fur ball flying around the cage, igloos all over the place and food bowls flipped.

I did what I wasn't supposed to do. I used my hands and got bit by Jasper. I went into panic mode and couldn't think about

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Updated 08-25-10 at 05:14 pm by Feeorin215


What the heck is Feeorin anyway?

by Feeorin215 on 07-14-10 at 10:52 pm
Does anyone know what Feeorin means?

Without looking at google!!

Give it a shot.

Here's a hint: It's not my name. My real name is Geena!

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