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    I just want to tell you, I totally agree with your rant. Gosh, they're all just stuck up snobs!
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    I checked out weekers it looks pretty cool. My other forum caviesgalore is awesome. I Love it everyone is so nice and very knowledgeable and don't condemn you for buying petstore even though they don't agree with it.
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    I understand what you are saying... I also belong to a board called Wheekers. It is a lot different! Go check it out. I think you will be pleasantly surprised- no one condemned me for getting my boys from a pet store and they have all been very helpful!

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    Please I went through all visitor message and we have never private messaged each other. I'm guessing you have me confused with someone else??? :S

    I would never buy from breeder.
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    oh ok, I want to do what I want to do, but I also want to help the homeless ones but they are mostly all males and their are alot of adds wanting females, There is one male I think is cute on kijiji, but I don't know If I'd want to build another cage . I don't want to give my Guinea pig away! What should I do?
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    Nice, yeah I just put my two in their cage yesterday and they have already managed to make a total mess of everything! :X How many sets of fleece/towels do you keep around as extra sets?
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    haha I'm okay how about you?
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    And then they get stereotyped as boring and useless pets..To me, just as fun as my cat
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    I love the way they interact, they're so special. Can't believe anyone thinks they're 'boring' or 'little kid starter pets.'
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    I love the noise they make. So sweet. Are your piggies 'talkative?'
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About Jazlyn
Hey everyone! My name is Jazlyn and I love guinea piggies!
North Carolina
Guinea Pigs:
I currently have 4 piggies. 2 boys & 2 girls. My girls are Wombeau & Peaches and my boys are Gigett & Mocha. Wombeau & Mocha are american-satins. Gigett is a silkie. Peaches is an abby. Gigett & Wombeau are 4 months and Peaches & Mocha are 2 months.
My Cage:
My girls are in a 3x3 & my boys are in a 2x5.
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, 2x5 or greater, C&C Cage, other combination, Includes upper deck, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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How do you make the bunkbeds?

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Recent Entries

Piggy adventures

by Jazlyn on 03-14-10 at 05:04 pm
Hi everyone!
I had been quarantining my newest piggy for 3 weeks (that I adopted from a local shelter) and today was the day to introduce him to Gigett (my current male) They got along great, although you can tell Gigett want's to be dominate and kinda bullies him around, but I think they're okay.
As you probably know, I already had 7 piggies, well when Mocha (the new male I had been quarantining) was in about the 2.5 week of quarantine I realized that 8 piggies is a lot to take care

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New piggy!

by Jazlyn on 03-07-10 at 08:02 pm
Hey everyone!
Today I got a new piggy.. so now I have 7! (Yes, I said seven :crazy:)

He is a 9 month old silkie. :)

We had to drive an hour and a half away to meet a lady who we were adopting him from. When we got home we introduced him to my 2 males. (Please don't drill me about quarantine, the lady I got him from runs a very nice guinea pig only shelter and I trust her that he is healthy & doesn't have mites or anything) Anyway......
When we introduced

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My piggies have such different personalities!

by Jazlyn on 02-11-10 at 05:44 pm
I think it's so cute!
My Gigett(male) he is pretty skittish but is fine once I get him. But he [B]hates[/B] being in my lap..he'll just crawl right down.

My Wombeau(female) she is also pretty skittish and is usually fine when I pick her up..but she loves to be in my lap and to be petted and will wheek if I stop petting her. :ohmy:

My Wixxie(female) she is probably the most skittish one..her or my Tulah. But, once I get Wixxie she is fine. She loves

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They can finally see each other again!

by Jazlyn on 02-09-10 at 10:20 pm
I have 3 sows in one cage and my 2 boars in another. They have been in separate areas but today I put their cages together so now they can touch noses & everything. It is SO cute! And both of their kitchen areas are next to each other..and when I give them veggies the girlies will poke their little mouths through the cube & steal the boy's lettuce. It is really adorable. And, I found one of my sows sleeping right next to one of my boars between the grids earlier. It was adorable! I'm so

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