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    Just caught up with your babies photo's!!!! Oh they are so beautiful, such contented looking wee piglets. How did Archie's neutering go? and are they all in together now? Did you end up keeping one or did they all go to other homes?
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    Removing the abscess is the best way of taking care of it. My vet had even told me that if the abscess didn't go away, she would have to surgically remove it. Make sure you keep him on the antibiotic and probiotic. I would also consider keeping him separate from the other male to keep the wound cleaner while it heals..... I was very traumatized when Rigatoni had his abscess, too. He recovered, though, so things should get better. Keep me updated.... I'm sending positive thoughts your way.
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    When they lance it, it's not like a cut that keeps bleeding. It'a a pus sac that keeps producing that thick white stuff and a small amount of blood. It won't be sutured closed. She will tell you whether to flush it and how to do it or to use warm compresses. Ask her to show you how to do the one she thinks is best. It's more time consuming than difficult. I hope he's feeling better soon.
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    I would definitely go back and let her know there is no improvement. Guinea pig abscesses are not the same as dog or cat abscesses. Guinea pig abscesses have pus that's really thick, like toothpaste, so the pus sac needs to be cleaned out. In some cases, they surgically remove the pus sac but in both cases with my guinea pigs, they healed without surgery. I'd ask your vet if she's treated a guinea pig abscess before.
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    Yes, give him the Benebac about an hour after each dose of the antibiotic. Did your vet lance the abscess? Abscesses are different than just an infected cut. There's a pocket that keeps filling up with pus. If the outside heals, the pus keeps building inside. It needs to be cleaned out and kept open while it heals from the inside out. My vet lanced it and had me keep flushing it out. Some vets have you apply warm compresses to draw out the pus. If it's not getting better, I'd call and let your vet know. I'm not sure what vet you use but Danada Animal Hospital is where I had Rigatoni neutered. Animal Medical Center treated another of my guinea pigs for an abscess from a bite. I'm sorry I didn't answer this sooner, this is the first I've been on today.
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    Bloat is extremely serious and can kill a guinea pig. It's basically trapped gas. Their abdomen swells up like a balloon and you can hear a hollow sound if you thump their belly. You can buy Benebac, which is a probiotic, at any pet store. I always give it with an antibiotic. Sprinkle the powder form on wet veggies about an hour or two after the antibiotic. Continue as long as you give the antibiotic. Guinealynx has more information about probiotics. It's really important that you give him the probiotic.
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    Hi, I just want to make sure you saw my message. My vet flushed out the abscess and put Rigatoni on an antibiotic. I gave him BenaBac which is a probiotic. They need that to keep from getting bloat when they are on an antibiotic since they can cause gut problems. I've read that other vets recommended warm compresses after draining the abscess. Good luck
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    Thanks . Same to you!
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    Oh my goodness! I wish you and her luck!
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    I found some instructions but I didn't completely follow them. So a little of both. I was going to make some tonight, I have everything BUT the sewing machine is not working.
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Archie is a young guinea pig that I bought from petco in Feb. of 2010. I recently got another guinea pig named Charlie from a craigslist user that accidentally had pups. I picked him up on Dec. 16th, 2010 when he was 9 weeks old.
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I will have a 2x5 C&C cage with a top level in the shape of a "c" when I join my boys.
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C&C Cage, 2x5 or greater, Includes upper deck, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see



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Wow. <3

by Camerafreak on 03-18-11 at 01:20 am
For the longest time after I found out that Charlie was pregnant I felt guilty. I couldn't believe that I was putting my baby through something that I could never wish on an animal. I was worried sick about her through the whole pregnancy. I barely got any sleep through the three weeks of knowing she was pregnant. Now I don't know what to think. I know that she shouldn't have to go through all this but it's such a miracle. Watching her give birth to three beautiful babies was the most amazing thing

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Baby pigs.

by Camerafreak on 12-16-10 at 11:58 pm
I don't know if its all baby pigs but I have noticed that my baby Charlie (who I adopted yesterday) smells just like a baby kitten! I absolutely love the way he smells and I can't get enough of it. I hope everyone else that has babies is enjoying this just as much as I do.

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