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    Ha fruity piggies
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    LOVE the artsy cage! How is the hammock making going? I'm into sewing too!
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    I love the watermelon hidey!
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    thats the piggie that looks like your wesley
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    AWWWW thats adorable!
    We'll have to take a picture of his long-lost twin
    I'll have to look at the pictures of your girls!

    the petland has one in the huge cage with him and some baby bunnies
    we tell them EVERY TIME WE GO IN that the female is in there and will get pregnant ASAP but they usually pretend they didn't know or, as one employee reacted, say things like "aww i love when they have babies"

    BUT the girl piggie they have IS absolutely gorgeous
    if she was male i would have bought her as soon as i saw her
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    aww there is a piggie that looks just like your wesley at the petland near my house
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    Thats the same thing that Milly does to Molly! I was watching them these morning and thats what they were doing!
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    Haha My Molly always bosses Milly around and anywhere Molly go's Miily does be right behind her with her nose up Molly bum! Milly always trys to get in the same hidey as Molly but Molly just turns around and sticks her bum in Millys face!
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    I'm glad that Toby found a good home! Will you be keeping in touch with the lady to make sure she keeps him well?
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    I love Wesley, he is gorgeous!
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About distancel
I'm a 24 year old girl from Brisbane. My name is Distance. I love green tea
Brisbane, Australia
Guinea Pigs:
I have three guinea pigs, two girls and a neutered male. I kept guinea pigs years and years ago but hadn't had pets in a long time due to housing limitations.
My Pig Page:
My Cage:
4x3 c&c cage, c&c might make a loft in the future but don't want them to lose floor space due to ramp
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, 2x5 or greater, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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Lolz I didn't think of that. Halloween isn't that big over here ^_^

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Guinea Pigs Featured in my Webcomic lol

by distancel on 10-15-10 at 09:32 am
So yeah I have a little webcomic I've been running for a few months now. My guinea pigs appear in it now and then, and I did a strip tonight with a c&c cage featured in the background.
I'm going to feature the piggies more in the future.

Now before you click on the link I must advise that the comic OFTEN contains adult themes, drug references and some less than nice language.

This strip is completely 'clean' however and features two of my piggies:

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So Annoyed!!

by distancel on 01-20-10 at 04:20 am
So I was watching Two and Half Men tonight while doing some sewing. It was one of the old episodes, like the second episode or something. Anyway the kid in it had a guinea pig. The pig was quite hugely obese and was in a MOUSE CAGE. Seriously, it didn't have room to turn around! I know this is just a sit com and yeah maybe the pig actually lived in a nice big cage when it wasn't on screen, but why show it in such a cruel situation in the first place! In the episode the guinea pig ends up dying and

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by distancel on 01-10-10 at 03:41 am
So I've finally secured a full time job! Woo. Back to doing warehoue work which I love, and it pays quite well. Not terrible not amazing, but great for the kind of mindless work it is. Now I just have to try and keep this job and I should be able to stay with the company for many, many years. They have a low turnover which I'm happy to hear.

Well my friend Ellie is heading to the USA for a couple of months and I'm going to be the pig sitter for her little fuzzy pig, Sheepy. And possibly

Read More


Buffy - Pig with attitude problem

by distancel on 12-30-09 at 08:09 pm
I've come to start thinking Buffy is not a pig's pig. She is a people's pig. She loves sitting with me and watching TV. She will sit in one place when I put her down and likes nothing more than being petted and fussed over. She HATES her cagemates Wesley and Avril. It's crazy. She's a very dominant pig, and anything they are sitting in or eating from, she wants to drive them away. She mostly just sits in one of the hideys, comes out now and then to chase the other two away from anything.

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Sheep Piggie?! Also Christmas and Cats

by distancel on 12-25-09 at 11:00 am
I posted a while ago about my dream about guinea pigs that looked like sheep? Like with little black faces and ears, black paws, and woolly bodies.

I think my friend may have a sheepie pig!!! She sent me a text yesterday saying she was excited as her partner gave her a guinea pig for Christmas. Apparently she had been pestering him about getting some for a while after meeting my pigs, . Well he surprised her with one. I asked her what kind and whatnot. She described her as having

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Updated 12-25-09 at 08:27 pm by distancel

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