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    hi come on chat we can talk =]
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    Very true. I am getting better, which is good except for the fact it leaves me much less Adam Lambert-Obsessing and writing time. I think I should only be missing the second factor in that, but sadly, that is not the case. Adam Lambert is my guilty pleasure.
    Hehe. Anyways *focuses*, the story is hitting some speed bumps! I can't get into the character's head, and I've found he needs to experience unconditional love. Which is hard, considering I've made him a rather heartless person.
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    I will. I'm currently sick (as is everyone and their brother), so I have way to much time on my hands, meaning the story is coming along nicely. *muses* I've spent far to much time obsessing over Adam Lambert.... But thats another topic entirely.
    Anyways, thanks for the feedback, its been surprisingly helpful.
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    He chooses Russian Roulette, because they won't tell him WHO they will kill, simply that they WILL kill someone. Once the gun lands on him, and he pulls the trigger, he has a vision of heaven, with his brother. Yet it never simply states he dies, and the visions can either be triggered by what will happen or what he simply is terrified of happening.... So you never really know for sure.
    Sound okay? *needs feedback*
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    Thanks for commenting on my story/blog post thing! I changed the story more since the post, just as I've been writing it.
    The beginning is the same (opens with the vision, game, ect.) However afterwards, he receives a phone call saying his older brother has been shot and killed. *Just as some character background, he grew up on the streets, with the older brother, they joined a gang at fifteen and had been very close throughout their whole lives.
    In revenge, the main character (Damien), goes off on a hunt to find the guy who killed his brother. At first, its just him and the guy he's tracking (his visions keep him up to date). The guy who he is tracking, however, also belongs to a gang (rival one) and eventually they find out Damien is tracking this other guy, so they come after him and capture him. Then he's given a choice-play Russian Roulette and possibly die (or live), or he can be released without harm, but they can kill one person who he knows and loves.
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Mine does this too! Instead of tipping it all over though, he just grabs things out of it one at a time. It's so frustrating. XD

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Pig-cessories, part II

by Holly&Fred on 01-16-11 at 05:15 pm
I had fun with another 30-minute guinea pig project: a cozy for my pigs.

I reinforced the opening with an extra strip of fleece so that it would stay somewhat rigid even after the pigs stepped all over it, as they so enjoy doing.

Unfortunately, it came out a little small: only 8"x11" finished. Next time I'm going to try to make one that's about 10"x13" so that they'll have an easier

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What AWFUL timing!

by Holly&Fred on 12-06-10 at 07:06 am
So yesterday, my pigs were fine. Everybody was happy and popcorning and having no issues whatsoever. This morning, Fred won't put any weight on his left front paw at all. I have an exam at nine that I absolutely cannot miss, but if he isn't better when I get back, and I doubt he will be, I'll be skipping my afternoon classes to take him to the vet.

I hate it when I have pigmergencies on days like this.... I'll have to have my boyfriend keep an eye on him until I get back and then

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Woohoo! I'm almost a proud gerbil parent.

by Holly&Fred on 12-03-10 at 10:38 am
These gerbils have been in the works for about a week now. Towards the end of last week, my boyfriend decided he wanted gerbils. So over the weekend, I looked on to try to find some close to us, in hopes that we could get them from a rescue or shelter instead of the petstore. My boyfriend isn't quite as on-board to the whole "rescuing animals" thing as I am, so had I not found one I'm not sure how long I could have kept him from going to the pet store.


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I'm Pig-cessorizing: cute, cuddly crafts.

by Holly&Fred on 11-29-10 at 11:38 am
A few days ago, I made my first of quite a few crafts for the pigs: first was an adorable fleece tunnel that I made with a brown inside fabric and a green monkey fabric on the outside:

I really like this tunnel because of how stiff it stays, even though there's no batting/foam/anything inside of it. My pigs won't run through anything that they cant see to the end

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Uhaul blanket liner fun

by Holly&Fred on 11-05-10 at 11:19 am
Well, I finished my second cage liner today and did a cage change, they'll be going in the wash tonight and I'll be seeing how my first uhaul blanket cage liner does. I wasnt' tremendously impressed with it as compared to my fleece and towels before; I think I should have added another layer of uhaul blanket. The only problem area was the kitchen, which I'll be fixing today.

After work I'm going to wal-mart to get some type of plastic bin (like a cat litter box) that I can use for

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