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    Wow, the last time I even thought about you was back in Oct of 09. Seems strange that YOU think I am guilty of harassment. Maybe that would be true if I contacted you out of the blue to harass you BUT it's the other way around. It's not harassment if you join a private forum, break the rules, call people Nazis and Fascists, and leave them rude messages and then get disciplined for it. You came to us and acted like a twit. You reaped the rewards. I expect you to behave like a grown-up and stop throwing tantrums and bothering people.
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    your piggies are so are so cute
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    your piggies are just adorable!
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    I just love your babes names! They photograph well =)
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    I must say Picasso and Houdini are absolutely adorable
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    Thank you for the comment on Versace
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    Thank you for the comment on the picture of the baby squirrels
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Petstore vs Adoption

by Mamma-Harlow on 10-01-09 at 07:40 am
[COLOR=black]Now, I'm not trying to justify buying guinea pigs from pet stores as good, or better than adopting from a shelter. What I would like to say though is that I can't help but notice peoples hostility on this site, and others, when it comes to people who have bought their piggies from a store. Your snobbery is childish and very inconsiderate. People need to take into account that not all of us live with a guinea pig shelter in our areas, or even in our towns. For instance, my nearest animal

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Clever little Houdini

by Mamma-Harlow on 09-08-09 at 07:21 am
[COLOR=black]]Lately the weather has been good; the freakish heat went away, so the boys have been spending a lot of time outside. Usually I will put them in the pen on a grassy spot outside my window and check on them every 10 minutes to see how they are getting on and bring them watermelon to keep cool if itís particularly warm. Well the other day I went to check and saw Houdini was sitting a meter away from the pen, nibbling at the grass while Picasso sat inside. How he got out puzzled and worried

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Houdini has an Upper Respiratory Infection...

by Mamma-Harlow on 08-29-09 at 06:34 pm
It all came as a shock. Ever since I got the boys I have kept them in clean, fleece lined hutches, in my room at night when it's cold, and outside during the day. They were never exposed to the cold, air conditioning, sawdust, or dust of any kind since they came to live with me. However a few nights ago I woke up at 2am because Houdini was making noises like he was in pain because it hurt to breathe. It was awful and so sudden that I didn't know what to do. I researched all I could on the internet

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HEAT WAVE!!! Poor piggies...

by Mamma-Harlow on 08-25-09 at 04:11 am
It's meant to be the end of winter here, but in the last two days the temperature has been 30 -35 degrees celcius, i.e in the high 90s! It's horrible because instead of going Winter, Spring, it's gone right into the middle of summer with hot winds that burn and a scorching sun.

What worries me about all this is my boys. Both Picasso and Houdini are very hairy piggies, which makes it really hard on them. I've read that you're not meant to leave them over exposed to air conditioning,

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Ivermectin Injections for All!

by Mamma-Harlow on 08-09-09 at 04:14 am
It's been a pretty busy weekend here as yesterday Mr Darcy and I took the boys to the vet for their Ivermectin shots. Their last visit was around Easter so I was sorry to pack to boys in the cat carrier again and am hoping that there won't be a re-infestation. Funnily enough though, I get more stressed out about going to the vets than the boys do. For you see, for no apparent reason since the start of this year I developed this fear/anxiety over going to the doctors, and as it turns out this includes

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