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    idk if u remember me just saying hi=)
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    Oh NO!!!! I didn't see your post anywhere about that! So are you going to get rid of all your piggies and cages??? That really stinks. Maybe if you only have a couple the allergy won't be noticeable? I would try that first before getting rid of them all.
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    Hi Skeetersmom! I love the new second level on your cage. Do your pigs love it?
    How is your little Momma coming? Which of your pigs is she?
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    hey you are really cool and i am glad we met hope to see(well sorta) around!=0)
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    Hi Skeetersmom- I can't thank you enough for all your help getting me 'set-up'!!! It is nice to know someone close by . I hope your babies are doing well!
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    Hi I was Wondering if I can ask you questions on guinea pigs. I have been searching around the forums but I cant find the answer. I am adopting 2 guinea pigs both girls a mother and daughter. My question is since the mother is over 6 months and the daughter will be only a month old when i get her ,What pellets do I feed the both since i am ordering from KMs. Also for hay I was going to order orchard but she is running out and she also ran out of timothy hay and blue grass so which one is better for the both.

    I was told I dont have to feed the baby alfalfa as long as she gets the right vegetables is this true ?

    Thank you so much for responding.
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    Hi skeetersmom =) I was wondering if I can ask you a few questions. would that be ok ?
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    Hi, what kind of Rabbit do you have?
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    Congrats on the knew babies!! Can't wait to see pictures!
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    How are the babies? And how are you?!
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About Skeetersmom
Guinea Pigs:
I am new to guinea pigs. I have Skeeter who is about 4 months old and Skittles is about 8 weeks old. Someone turned them in to a local pet store and I adopted them from there.
My Cage:
They came home in a tiny pet store cage and I made them a 2x3 cage for now. I have a 2x4 cage on order from C&C cages.
My Cage Specs:
Planning on making a bigger cage, C&C Cage, 2x3, Pet Store Purchased Cage, no longer used as main cage


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Skittles Babies

by Skeetersmom on 06-09-09 at 04:36 pm
Babies are doing great! I caught them eating some romaine and munching in the food dish today. So adorable! Here are some pics from today!

Skeeter is being so cute

by Skeetersmom on 06-08-09 at 11:58 am
She is being so funny with the babies. She chases them away a little but next thing you know, a baby comes up to her while she is eating and she popcorns around! It is adorable and the babies get scared and run, which is even funnier. I hope that they all get along really well. Skeeter isn't rumblestrutting around Skittles as much as she was before. They never fought anyway but just kinda co exist. Maybe they will start to like each other a little better now.

I'll try to post

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Skittles FINALLY had her babies!

by Skeetersmom on 06-07-09 at 06:05 pm
So, as I predicted, she had her babies while I was at a dance recital today! When I got home, she was still cleaning them and it looked like one had just been born. She had 3. 2 Look just like her with the white crest on their head and 1 looks like her but without the white crest. Here are some pictures as promised! Mom seems to be doing well and so do they, I haven't tried to sex them yet but have at least held each one for a minute. So cute! I love the last picture, one of the babies

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Guinea Pigs

Still no babies for Skittles :-(

by Skeetersmom on 06-07-09 at 08:55 am
Well, Skittles is still pregnant! Like I said though, if she got pregnant the day before I got her, she would not be due until next weekend. Anything is possible I guess. I would be scared that Skeeter is a boy and actually who got her pregnant but I did bring Skeeter to the vet. Hopefully the vet was right. I have checked her myself and she definately looks like a girl to me too.

The first picture I posted when I thought she looked pregnant was 5/10. So, that

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Skittles updates! Worried!

by Skeetersmom on 06-05-09 at 07:23 am
I'm am such a wreck about this. I feel like I am just constantly worrying about Skittles! I just got a bunch of grass from outside, like I do every morning, and usually she comes out of hiding and weeks away at me for the fresh grass. She won't come out of her sleeping bag. I even tried to pet her through the bag and nothing. She moved a little and I heard her purr a bit but she will not budge. Maybe she is getting close I don't know. I just keep worrying that something is wrong. I can't

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Updated 06-05-09 at 02:06 pm by Skeetersmom (Adding pictures)

Guinea Pigs
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