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  1. They are all fine. Thank you. She had one baby luckily. The rescue said I can keep both girls and baby. The other girl wasn't pregnant.

    How are all your pigs. I'm sorry the one baby isn't gaining weight. Maybe message Paula and ask what she did for the one that didn't have a mother.
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    Hello Deb, I haven't been on in awhile and I don't remember if your baby had her babies. ^.^ How are you and your pigs doing?
  3. A cereal mix with either Wellness holistique dog food or Natural Balance vegetarian dog food. I'm also trying to get them to eat Oxbow Regal Rat but they don't care for it. If I don't get the regal rat I ordered then I'll go back to Harlan Tekland. There's a rescue that sells it.
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    I don't actually own any rats. I am currently looking to adopt (maybe) a pair of neutered male rats. In the meantime, I am finding out as much as I can about rats...and your telling me the CN is better is quite helpful! Also, what do you feed your ratties?
  5. Yeah. The superpet is a pain to clean. It's also hard to hang hammocks. The critter nation is easy in comparison.

    How many do you have?
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    Wow--10 is a lot! Do you like your critter nation? Is it easy to clean and decorate?
  7. I have 10. 6 are in a double critter nation and 4 are in a large superpet cage. I've been afraid to put all 10 together in the critter nation.
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    Hi again! You own rats, right? I am looking into adopting a few from my local rescue but I was wondering: How many rats do you have and what cage do they live in?
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    Deb, I am actually a Deb, too and have four pigs myself !!!
  10. I'm a rat, rabbit, dog and piggie lover. Haha. It was nice to meet you.
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Planning on making a bigger cage, C&C Cage, 2x5 or greater, C&C Cage, other combination, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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Poor Butters

by Deb's4Pigs on 03-13-11 at 04:22 pm
After my old girl died, I put Butters her cage mate with the rest of the girls last Sunday. The cage is at least 10' long opened up.

Well they don't like him. Last Sunday he and Pixie spent the whole day fighting, but they are tolerating each other now. He runs around behind the girls trying to hump them even though he has no equipment. They don't appreciate him.

Poor Butters!!

Pixel Now Pixie

by Deb's4Pigs on 07-26-10 at 02:17 pm
Well, I got Pixel(now Pixie) yesterday. I put them together today since I had to break QT to see if they got along enough before I took her home.

They seem to be in a stale mate right now.

New girl piggie

by Deb's4Pigs on 06-29-10 at 12:09 pm
I'm a member of guinea lynx as well and there's someone that needs to find a home for her piggie.

There are some Petco's that are selling piggies that are twice the size of a normal guinea with extra toes. She got her from one of the Petco's and thinks she's going to be one of those.

I'm thinking of getting her. Can't decide.