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    Hi,would you mind it i used one or 2 of your piggie making a wall collage in my piggie room.
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    AWW! In the parking lot?!?!?? That's soooo sad! I definitely wish you luck. Soooo. We tried to slowly integrate Douglas into our floor time and it hasn't worked too well. Phillip and Douglas attack each other right away. Terrance will try to avoid Doug, but Doug rummblestruts over to him and then it causes a problem. Im not giving up LOL. We seem to think that the reason Phillip does that is because he may be a lil jealous that Douglas may take Terrance "away" from him. T&P have been together practically the whole time.
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    I just posted 3 Pics of Douglas =)
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    Aww! Ya I did think of Ike, but it just didnt fit him. We named him Douglas "Skeet" Thomas =) He's very sociable and he doesnt show any skiddish behavior. T&P are coming along... I havent let them meet face to face yet...just through the cage. I put Douglas's cage in the middle of the room and T&P run circles around him. Doug popcorns and bucks in his cage its so adorable!
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    So have your boys sorted out their dominance issues? I have just aquired a new lil baby... He's a cutie pig! I seen him at the store about a month ago...maybe a little longer and the poor piggy was still there yesterday! It was sad to see that no one has scooped him up! So naturally, I felt the need to give him a good home. I havent introduced him directly to my other 2 babes...his cage is right next to theirs until he gets a little bit bigger and used to their scents. I hope it goes well!
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    Thank you for the comment on my girls, your right too they ARE both snugglers x
    I love the photo where one off your piggies is standing up, its so cute x
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    I love your photos! Especially the one with the grey and white piggie!
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About Peeg_Love
Albuquerque, NM
Guinea Pigs:
Chest Rockwell, handsome tri-color boy; Nathaniel Merriweather, handsome agouti boy; Princess Buttercup, roan abyssinian wheeker extraordinaire with laser beam eyes.
Cavy slave as long as I can remember.
My Cage:
We had to downsize for safety, but right now all three pigs are in separate 2x3's. I look forward to rebuilding BIGGER!!
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Planning on making a bigger cage, C&C Cage, 2x3, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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He was such a beautiful pig and that's a great photo. I'm so very sorry for you loss.

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We lost our Rebel Rebel

by Peeg_Love on 09-28-09 at 09:44 am
It was a sad weekend for us. Our oldest piggie, Rebel Rebel, who we adopted earlier this year, passed away on Saturday night. He had been very sick for a couple of days, and despite a lot of snuggling and hand-feeding, he withered away to a little bag of fur and bones. He never seemed to be in any pain, thankfully, but we are grateful that he is now at peace. From what we could gather, he had a hard life before we took him in, so we only hope he was happier during his time with us.

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Pigtopia complete!

by Peeg_Love on 05-22-09 at 08:36 am
At last, I can finally report that Pigtopia is complete and structurally sound! We had to shift the cinder blocks and add a few more, but now all three pigs can run around and nothing shakes. It was a great deal of work, and I know my husband is glad it's done (as am I.) I'll try to get some pictures up this weekend.

Last night was fun, because of course, we took all the pigs out (in case of collapse like last time) and it became total Pigdemonium! They were in separate pens, but they

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Pigtopia continues!

by Peeg_Love on 05-06-09 at 02:48 pm
Got the first of the lofts set up: corroplast, doors & walls, but no bedding. The boys haven't used ramps before, and they didn't seem very interested when I first attached them.

This morning we were in for a great surprise! Nate had gone upstairs and left us some beans as evidence. Then as I was leaving for work, I noticed that Chest was halfway up his ramp! Success! I am totally excited to get home today and finish off both lofts so the boys can enjoy their two stories!

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Pigtopia progress

by Peeg_Love on 05-05-09 at 02:56 pm
My husband came up with the great idea to use cinder blocks as a base instead of more grids. This way the cage wouldn't be so tall (it's 3 stories!) & it would be sturdier. Sometimes he is so much more clever than I!

This past weekend, we got all the supplies together: the cinder blocks, a piece of carpet to put under them to protect the main carpet, some wood to support the upper levels. I was super-excited to finish off Pigtopia and get the boys in their lofts and move the Princess

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