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    Hey Stace'

    Yes, it's Jonny. Yes, I was bored and thought of you. I remembered your
    online handle, and presto!

    It's been quite some time, hasn't it?
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    Thank you for giving him the best life ever. <3 I'm sure he was glad to have his harem...

    I seriously was in tears earlier, my husband was worried about me- I've been super fragile lately as I just found out a friend committed suicide last year and no one told me as I moved back out here... and what with Leonidas' surgery and money being tight... just bawling at the drop of a hat. I can only imagine how much it must pain you to have let him go after having actually gotten to know that wonderful Bodie Pig in the fluff.

    You're in my thoughts, and I'm here if you need to talk. I'll message you my email and facebook.
  3. I cut her nails now
  4. P.S--I am willing to bet that with a human resources degree along with sociology...ANY company would take you within a heart-beat! Simply because you'll have double (or triple with internships!) the knowledge of person-to-person interaction and the how's,the why's, etc. to determine whether a candidate is worth working under Corporation XYZ based upon your studies of the human psyche.
  5. Hey sweetie! Long time, no talk!

    I JUST got over the flu, (don't worry, it wasn't SWINE haha) it was semi-related to the seasonal flu but obviously was a different strain, because I had my flu shot done two months ago yet still came down with flu-like symptoms. I was put on Tamiflu, which made me vomit non-stop for a day-and-a-half (my poooor boyfriend, gosh I swear he deserves to be nominated for sainthood!) but I'm much better now. My voice came back, cough went away, and I can HEAR again! (My ears have perforated ear drums due to 5 sets of tubes in and out when I was a child, so they're forever damaged and suceptible to infection whenever I get sick.)
    Anyways, I'm popping to let you know I haven't forgotten you! How are your courses going at school? You should be having a small hiatus in another month right? God bless you for taking up sociology--while interested in it, I could never get my brain to really get any of it. Haha. Hope you and the piggies are healthy! Talk soon? <3
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    Yep, you GOTTA love family. ;P

    Human Resources isn't my dream job either, but it's a very noble one.

    I have no idea what my dream job is, honestly. I'm a computer techie for the army, and I teach combatives... and I'm cavy crazy. ;P I have also been a barista, a pizza cook, and (kind of) pastry chef. I think I'd like to follow something in the food field if I could, I guess?
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    So what are you majoring in, then?

    My parents were appalled when I joined the army, I had a $2500 scholarship and was all signed up to go to college in the fall of 07. (Really good since they had no savings for my education whatsoever). They're putting all their hope on my brother now, bah. I also have a cousin whose only 4 days younger than me who is a super over achiever. Fun fun fun.
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    My parents are in the midwest, the only people I have out here are him, my pigs, and a friend I made online through Craigslist. (I'm such a nerd and an introvert, heh)

    I'm inspired by your perseverance with school, I joined the army and I haven't been back to school yet- even though my training was done and over with almost 3 years ago. I'm overwhelmed by figuring out financial aid, but I'd like to go to school for pastry arts next semester.

    And I never thought I'd be in the military either, ha! ;P
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    *chants* Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! LOL *shudder* I'm kind of glad that didn't work out, then.

    I'm only 20, but James and I moved a lot quicker because of the whole military thing... plus we were friends first, and we already had one deployment under our relationship's proverbial belt. His mom is a vocal Mexican American, his dad is a very non-vocal retired Navy Seaman, and his sister is a very smart, but legally blind 26 year old. She and her seeing eye dog, Trukee, are coming to visit on Friday. They don't keep in contact with the extended family, so things aren't very convoluted at all. I on the other hand, have a freakin' huge family... my parents are the oldest of 5, and the oldest of 6. Oi.
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    I count my blessings every day, James even called the vet to find out if we could just pick up meds rather than schedule a full visit, since we'd have to bottom out our savings for that. (We'd just bought plane tickets for winter leave)... He considers them to be just as much a part of the family as I am, even though he'd never tell his buddies that. He's sworn me to secrecy on all things guinea pig when it comes to his office. Heh! He comes from a similar upbringing, he grew up on a farm and all of their 'pet' animals walked themselves there. He has a soft spot for the abandoned, which is good. (He even had a pet wild russian boar as a kid, long story.) I waited til we were established here in our apartment to pop the question... ;P about guinea pigs. LOL

    ...and SHAME on whatshisbutt for dropping you and all the pigs! I'd give him my 2 cents for sure, even if it was pre agreed upon... they're living things too, and were obviously somewhat dependant on his care.
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