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The Sillyness of Guineas!

by tehdoc809 on 03-29-09 at 03:57 pm
Quick Sad intro, I recently recieve a big play tube from my friend who's ferret passed away recently. This tube looks like a big dryer vent hose, but its green and made of plastic. When I say big.. I mean big. its 8ft long and big enough round for the largest of Guineas to fit into it.

So I put this in with my girls and Heidi is immediately interested in it and starts testing is durablity with some light chewing. After about 20 minutes she works up the nerve to venture into it. Next,

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Tehdoc's Quote of the Day!! A Two-for

by tehdoc809 on 03-04-09 at 10:31 pm
Hello world of Guinea Pig cages. Just taking a break from studying to make a quick blog post because I have come up with a fantastic Idea. I'm going to start Posting some of my all-time Favorite Quotes! I don't know how often I'm going to be doing it. But I thought it would be a fabulous way to keep myself on the blog section of the site. I'm thinking this could possible be a weekly or a few times a week thing.

These Quote are going to come from anywhere. Funny things said here on

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Midterms!?... Sweet!

by tehdoc809 on 03-02-09 at 03:27 pm
So, starting here in about 2 hours I'll be going to the beginning of the final set of midterms I'll have in my college career, hooray seniorism! Its fun.. but at the same time is horrible, as I have 5 of them.. all in the span of 4 days. 1 tonight, 1 tomorrow, 1 wednesday and 2 on thursday. But hey.. then I'm off for a week for spring break.. Oh.. but its not spring is it. Well hey, its a week off to do fun things like work and hang out with my in-laws.....yay.

Trying out this Blog thing.. A Little About Tehdoc

by tehdoc809 on 02-22-09 at 08:22 pm
Well, to be honest I use to do this all the time. Me and three of my friends even learned some minor webpage HTML to code our own blogs to make them look all fancyfied. Well I guess lets start with the Basics Majors that aren't harmful to say on the internet:

My Name is Jon (no H, how all the cool kids do it these days), and I'm a Nerd. Now, when I say nerd.. I don't just mean like.. whoo Star Wars or yippie Star Trek. I mean full out, Nerd. I like and know it all. Books, Movies,

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