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    Hey I saw your thread from 2008. I have a guinea pig that's eye is kinda sunken in looking. He has a swollen (to me) bottom eye lid and its a little watery. I was just wondering what ever happened to your piggy.
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    I know! Thank you.
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    Hello you! Let me think... It probably took about 20-25 grids, but I'm not positive.
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    That's gooood(:
    So what's the piggy situation?
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    That's cool! You didn't go?
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    That's awesome! Do you have any pictures?
    I'm on Spring Break but back to school on Monday. -___-
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    She's good, very good. How's Penny?
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    You speak the truth! I'm fine, how about yourself?
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    cool! I bought a cell phone with my crimbo money so i have no idea what i want for my birthday now. I asked for money so i can save up to go to America... I said i wasn't gonna spend my christmas money and put it in my bank but i ended up spending all of it haha

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    You would ask haha. Not yet, if any. I'll let you know once we start looking which will be soon.
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About wheekers01
I have had 2 guinea pigs in my life!;) I want to become a vet! I love animals so much!
Candyland ;)
Guinea Pigs:
i've had Penny since June. I am looking into adopting Penny a friend about 45 minutes away.
I still need to convince my parents but they might be easing up to the idea. :)
My Cage:
C&C 2x3, Fleece, Pet store cage no longer used! ;)
My Cage Specs:
C&C Cage, 2x3, Pet Store Purchased Cage, no longer used as main cage, Meet or exceed recommended sizes (see


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Aww! They look like my guinea pig Penny. Almost identical! This reminded me of Lady and the Tramp.

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by wheekers01 on 07-20-09 at 10:53 pm
I named my pig!! Her name is Penny! Someone suggested that and it fits perfect! I am no good at names! Thanks!

So I had my surgery ten days ago! The doctor said it went really well. I didn't have a lot of adenoid tissue to begin with but he got out what he could. 10th day so I am supposed to start eating normally! Yay! No more Frosty's from Wendy's and pasta noodles! Throat is still sore but is feeling a lot better! Not on pain medication anymore, so that's good!

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by wheekers01 on 07-07-09 at 09:53 pm

2 days.


I am having a tonsillectomy then. I get tonsillitis and strep throat a lot so they are taking them out. I am wayy scared. Not scared, but nervous. Everyone keeps saying, "At least you'll get a lot of ice cream!" My sisters said, "nothing sounds good so you won't be eating ice cream, only drinking. Maybe a Popsicle here and there."

I found my camera cord so now I can upload photos!!! YAY! I uploaded one

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Back from and Awesome Vacation!

by wheekers01 on 07-06-09 at 11:55 am
We got home yesterday from Okoboji. It was a lot of fun! We took our boat and went tubing, and skiing.

I almost died though! Seriously. Our boat didn't want to start. So my dad would have to take the throttle thing and push it all the way forward, then start the key. My dad was back looking at the motor, so he asked my uncle to do it, but my uncle didn't know to bring the throttle back, so we took off going sooo fast!! The engine almost exploded! Even my dad knew it was going

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Going on Vacation with Pig!

by wheekers01 on 06-24-09 at 02:35 pm
We are going to this HUGE lake about 4 hours away this coming Saturday, stay for a week until the next Monday. I am taking my pig, yay! My aunt, who loves animals, and has had like 3 guinea pigs when she was a girl, knows my first one died. My mom and her (they are sisters) talk/email a LOT. We are surprising my aunt, so it will be fun. She is from Minnesota so she and her family (my cousins) are meeting each other there. We are staying at a resort type thing.

I am way happy because

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*Update* Fleece

by wheekers01 on 06-19-09 at 04:23 pm
Ok, so I put the fleece in on Saturday...maybe Sunday?? I love it! It makes her cage look so nice! I dread picking up poos but I keep telling myself the more I do it each day the less there is to pick up each time. It is kinda starting to smell today. I am cleaning Sunday though.

Tomorrow I am going to a Wedding. so I can't do it tomorrow. It is my sister's 2 best friends...getting marrid to each other. We have to leave early around noon because it is an hour away. Oh well, it should

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