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    I use one layer of u-haul pad in my 3x5 cage that houses 3 pigs. One layer works just fine for me, but you’re right, I’ve seen others recommend 2 layers. I think the biggest problem you would have with 2 layers is trying to sew through it all. I have a pretty high-tech sewing machine and it was struggling to get through 2 layers of fleece and 1 u-haul pad, so 2 layers might end up breaking your needle.

    Blizzard fleece seems to be slightly thinner then anti-pill fleece and they work the same, so if you have blizzard fleece I recommend trying that first. It’s much easier to sew.

    Just another hint/tip – Buy extra fleece. It does shrink. I bought 2 yards of each print for 2 liners, which should have been enough. After washing it, I was short about 3-4 inches on ALL four pieces of fabric. Yikes, talk about a waste of money!!! Wash your u-haul pad once in hot water and dry it before sewing it into your liner. They shrink too.
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    Hi Sewlittle,
    When I made my liner I put a layer of fleece one both sides with the u-haul pad in the middle. I think this is convenient for 2 reasons. 1) From what I’ve been told it helps with the longevity of the u-haul pad. It’s very linty (?), so sandwiching it between two layers of fleece helps keep it intact. 2) You get a variety of patterns. You can put a different print on each side, so that it’s reversible. Seems silly, but I actually pick which side of my liners I want based on my mood…LOL.

    Hope this helps and Good Luck!! Let me know if you have anymore questions I can help answer.
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    Hello there ! I looked at your cage and I think it looks awesome !
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    Hi SewLittle, the places to look about using animal waste in compost (which is ideal) are the permaculture, biodynamic and organic, soil health associations. I have not found one that specifically uses guinea pig poops as they are not "farmed" as such in those systems.

    However from my own experience, I use kiln dried pine, hay his veggie scraps and the diluted urine soaked out in water from the facecloths I have in the feeding areas in my own compost to great effect. It's fantastic. Just remember that as a herbivor his poop and urine is no different to a horse, deer, sheep, cow, rabbit - in other words it's designed by nature to fertilize the world.

    As I understand things, pine works in the following way, as it breaks down it takes nitrogen from the soil, as it ages and decomposes it then releases that nitrogen, being kiln dried it might take less time as the antibiotic oils are already removed, so it seems to me to break down faster.
  5. Hey sewlittle,
    I tried to add new pictures of my 4 floor cage so you can see it, but a moderator deleted them and wrote me a private message stating that the required measurements only count for bottom levels - so upper levels don't count. And being such, my cage then only measures 7.8 sq. ft. and doesn't meet recommendations for 3 piggies of 10.5 sq. ft. This website is actually more hassle than it is of sharing ideas and piggy photos. I won't be coming to this site anymore, so it was nice chatting with you. - Evey
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    I have made a c and c cage with cloraplast (spelling?) and grids. You can make any size and shape. I always change things around in their cage so they think they are always somewhere new. Your babies are adorable.
  7. What's the link for the English one? I've about had it with this one. I like looking at pictures of cages, and for all the ones that say this one ...or that one is too small... most of them have so much toys and pigloos in the cage, not sure how they do "laps" around the cage. I have a pretty big cage and they still said that it was too small for 6.
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    I know this is why I stopped coming on here, I go on a English one (I have replied to the thread) thank you I really appreciate your message xx
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