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Switched from fleece to aspen

by fieryone on 06-14-10 at 08:19 am
I'm not sure if this will be a permanent switch or not. This is the second cage change with aspen and I have enough for two more. There are pros and cons to both.

The fleece is more cost effective and attractive, but sweeping up poos was beginning to become hard to keep up with and I like that you don't have to be so on top of it with aspen. Scoop out the wet areas every other day and you're good to go. Between working a full time job, having a 5th grader who has homework, family

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by fieryone on 09-08-09 at 07:51 am
Last night we did intros once again. This is our third attempt. Lola is still being a brat about the whole thing, but at least she wasn't running around with tufts of Doc's fur hanging out of her mouth this time. They're bickering at each other and she did jump on him once in the floor time area, but no blood was drawn and it wasn't as savage as last time, so I let it go. He's still scared from the last two attempts and being somewhat whiney, but I stood my ground.

After a few hours

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Doc update of sorts

by fieryone on 08-09-09 at 09:55 am
Dr. Oliver Fenway is now done with his post-neuter antibiotics, which I'm sure he's thrilled about! He will be going in with the ladies next weekend. Hopefully he won't be too pushy with them. He doesn't seem to have a lot of interest in them in their side-by-side cage so I'm hoping all goes well. They had their first side-by-side floor time yesterday and really, he couldn't have cared less about the girls.

He is a very happy, friendly, cool pig. He's looking better every day. Here

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The doc is getting in shape for the ladies!

by fieryone on 07-18-09 at 10:15 pm
Our new pig, Dr. Oliver Fenway Zaius (don't ask) wasn't taken care of all that well for his 2.5 years with his former family. Fed huge quantities of crappy pellets, occasional hay, carrots, and probably not much else. He was in one of those awful Super Pet cages and didn't get any exercise. He was a pretty flabby 3lbs 4.8 ozs when he came to live with us on July 9th

He is now in a 2x3 quarantine/pre-neuter cage (was 2x4 but we had to move him and thus change the size of the cage) so

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Loving my new guy!

by fieryone on 07-14-09 at 01:28 pm
Our new pig really is blowing me away! He is the sweetest thing and so very different from the girls. He is soooo relaxed and lets us do anything we need to do for him. The girls act like nail trimming is the biggest trauma in the world! But this guy lets us pick him right up most of the time, he has no problems at all getting his eye ointment 2x a day, he takes his vitamin C like a champ by opening his mouth right up for the dropper (he still isn't eating peppers yet), and he didn't like me picking

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Updated 07-14-09 at 02:06 pm by fieryone

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