Musicians, What do you play?

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  1. piggy2470
    I've played piano for 2 years now. Love playing classical music!
  2. xxBroadway
    Clarinet 8 years, flute 4 years, piano 4 years, singing for about 10 years!!
  3. fresian.m
    Piano for 8 years, clarinet for 5 years.
  4. 1frankie7
    I just started playing the flute, which BTW is tied with clarinet for awesomest instrument ever.

  5. Silvershine
    Flute for two years, piano for around 8 1/2 years, singing forever!
  6. arionat799
    I play piano/keyboard.

    I have been taking lessons for 4 years now.

    I play all types of music and have done numerous solos at school and church accompanying myself...anywho now I'm starting to sound like a braggart ...

    I also sing.

    I have been singing all my life!! And as I mentioned above I have done numerous solos at school and church... so ya!
  7. SophieBunny
    I play the oboe and the piano, and have done for 6 years. I love them!
    Mainly because I get people asking a lot what instrument I play, and when I tell them oboe, they think it's so cool, because where I'm from it's pretty rare.
    In primary school I was also taught to play the descant recorder, (everyone was) and then a few of us were selected to learn the treble recorder. I don't ever play those now, they sit next to my piano gathering dust.
  8. GreenConverse
    Percussion (so far only mallets, but I have dabbled in drums )
    I am learning saxophone
    A little bit of piano
    violin ( but not in a while)

    (btw my dad's a band director)
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