Introduce your piggies! :D

  1. Aisteraina
    I have one piggy, her name is Muffin and she is 5 months old. If anyone had some taming tips, ( she is shy ) that would be great! Thnx!
  2. flamintpetz
    I have 4 piggies. Cherry gave birth on monday on 1/14/13 and she gave birth to two healthy boy and girl i named them Oreo and Strips they are only two days old. cherry is 5 months and Rocky is 6 months.
  3. sofieguineapigs
    I have two piggers named Millie and Maisy. Maisy is a Sheltie or 'Silkie' in the U.S, and Maisy is a red satin shorthair. They are lovely and affectionate piggies, but not yet fully tamed! I had another pig named Pippa, but sadly, RIP Pippa.
    I hope you guys like my piggies, I have a photo album for them and if you want to see them in action watch them on youtube at:
    Hope to see you guys soon:-)
  4. bubblepig
    I have five piggies! Twix,who had an unexpected litter with Maple. And their three babies...Carrot,Flower,and Biscuit.
  5. amberlee42890
    I have two piggies. 4 month old old brothers Domynik and Damon
  6. Dessypoobear
    I have 4 piggies Little Bear who is a year Oreo his partner in crime who is 9 months. Then there is our newest piggies Moo and Chip both are about 3 months old! Little Bear and Oreo are our social piggies and Moo and Chip are the quiet ones.
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